Kitchenaid 5qt artisan stand mixer?

maid_o_cliffAugust 12, 2013

I hope you will forgive, me if this is the wrong forum but, I know where the cooks hang out.

I bought my first stand mixer tonight, because I am still fighting cancer and had to retire ( for the last part HOOOO-RAY). Suddenly, I have more time for cooking and baking!

I have two small problems. First there is a small chip in the flat blade, and secondly, I am either to stupid to attach the pourer so it will stay on or it does not fit on mixing bowl correctly
So if any of you know how to connect the spout, please help an old lady who can not see how to attach said pourer . . .. PRETTY PLEASE.

IF not I gues this Is just a vent.


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I'd love to post a picture for you, Red, but my spout is either packed away or thrown out, just like everyone else's. As I recall, it doesn't attach per se, it just kind of sits on top and makes a general nuisance of itself. I find pouring from a flexible cutting board works more easily and neatly.

Perhaps if I say "no one uses it" a handful of people will show up to prove me wrong.

As for the chip, unless it looks like it's going to chip more from that spot, it should be fine, functionally. Replace it if it bothers you. Good luck - with everything!

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Like FOAS, I never used mine, it's probably in the back of a cupboard somewhere. It's useless

As for the blade, I don't use my flat blade much either, I got a beater blade a few years ago when they first came out, someone here posted it. I love it, it works so much better than the beater that comes with the mixer.

You can probably find it locally, though it's probably cheaper online.

Enjoy the mixer, it's a wonderful appliance.

Hope this is a good fight and happy baking.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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If you bought the mixer new, you certainly don't have to accept having a chip in the flat mixing blade. Call Kitchen Aid and they will make it right.

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Thanks to all, at least I now, do not feel so stupid.
Looking forward to more cooking and baking.
The rest of the house can keep it's warm coat of dust, some things during an illness, just are NOT that important.

Thanks again,

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My plastic cover piece never attached either. I guess I am a little naive, stupid as I always thought that piece was too put on the bowl when I was using liquids to keep them from splashing and the spout was not for pouring out but used to pour stuff in.

I guess you learn something new everyday.

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I ordered the new blade, got it, and used it today! Just wanted to let you know exactly how much I "LOVE" it. Thank you so much! I would not have found it on my own.


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