Pro Team Back Pack Vacs

RogerHalJanuary 3, 2013

I've been evaluating the back pack vacs made by Pro Team; my wife Jenny and I have been hurting from leaning over after long days of work and out of our exhaustion resist using our standing vacuum because leaning over is too much. Any suggestions or experience with the pro team backpack vacs that might influence our choices?

Roger and Jenny

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If you think your back hurts now, imagine it after a long day spamming with a 10 pound vacuum cleaner on your back.

SERIOUS COMMENT: If leaning over is causing a problem, get a longer wand for the vacuum so you can stand straight.

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Hey Roger,
First time posters who ask about a specific product are usually ID'd as spammers. I'm going take a leap here and assume you are not. I have a Pro Team Super HalfVac HEPA. I have been meaning to write about it on the Cleaning forum, but wanted to use it for a while first.

Unless you have a huge house, the smaller units like the one I have are better. Even that one is more vacuum than I need - wish I had gotten the smaller one used on airplanes.

The machine works fine but I will give you the negatives: It's tiresome to have to strap on the vacuum cleaner, especially if I just want to clean one room. And you can't just walk away from it if you have to, say, stop momentarily to do something else - it's attached to you. I thought I was getting a hipster, but it has shoulder straps. Having a box stuck on your back can be troublesome when you try to turn around in a small room. It doesn't work well on carpets because it is just suction, not a beater bar. I didn't like the curved stick that came with it and switched it out with a Dyson canister stick I happened to have here.

Bottom line - putting the vacuum on your back is not going to solve your back problems or exhaustion.

The positives are that I can whip through the whole house quickly with it, and the HEPA filter seems to do its job.

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There is no better vacuum than a Dyson.

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Lazygardens, sorry you took my post as spam, and graywings thanks for the benefit of the doubt and helpful insight. I borrowed my friend's ProTeam recently used the pack-vac with a half day of whole house vacuuming and as well as for my attached garage/shop. It's was extremely efficient when chore day came around. kind of helped with my posturing and haven't had any soreness issues yet (will keep you updated). I'll try the handle extension Lazygardens recommended with my existing standing vac. Though I'm happy with how clean things are I want to evaluate my options before dropping 400.

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