our new powder room in our 1910 home

worldmomFebruary 6, 2009

There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but I thought I'd post some progress pics. :o)

This space was mostly coat closet before, but we've reconfigured the area along our center hall to make room for the powder room, laundry room and smaller coat closet. Some of the bathroom space was also borrowed from what was going to be dead space behind our new (built from original blueprints) china hutch in the dining room. I'm really happy with how it's all turning out. The kitchen and butler's pantry is next! :o) From Last Import From Last Import From Last Import

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I love it.

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Wow, beautiful! Is that the original floor tile or did you put it in?

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Thanks, jac. The floor is new, but very dirty at the moment. Once we get the sawdust cleaned up and give it a good scrubbing, it will look much better!

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Very nice - since your home was built around the time that indoor plumbing was becoming mainstream, this addition does honor to both your home, the past & the modern era -

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Nice detailing. Even the switches?

It's funny how we used to tear out those medicine cabinets to "modernize" and now they're back!

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Outstanding powder room. Thank you for sharing.

Your tile choice appears to be an unglazed porcelian hex. Which manufacturer did you purchase from? I have been researching the different vendors for unglazed hex tiles. The biggest road-block I keep running into, is that the min. required order is so large and its pretty pricey due to the cost/per sq ft. I only need it for a small area. (mudroom and stairlanding).

Would you mind sharing your experience and resource for the tile you used? I would really appreicate, it would make my decision making easier. Thanks in advance for any info and guidance.

It is truly LOVELY, you've done a great job of keeping the intergrity a period bath.


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Looks great! I too love the old-style light switches.

September, if I may give you some unsolicited advice... for a mudroom I would look hard for tiles with a matte glaze instead of completely unglazed ones. The dirt gets ground into the unglazed tiles and it is a complete bear to get them clean. I had them in my previous house and rapidly grew to hate them. Try asking on the Baths forum, there are a whole bunch of tile gurus there; I'm afraid I can't find any of my "tile files" right now since it's been 2 1/2 years since my tile project.

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Very pretty room. You did a great job.

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Gorgeous! I really like your bathroom mirror/cabinet fixture and the tile!

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