Cedar Shingle, Shake or Standing Seam Metal Roof?

a_posse_ad_esseFebruary 10, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Another question for the 1860s cut stone farm house in Ontario.

We have to make some roofing decisions in the next year and we are struggling with the choice between cedar (which was probably the original material) or standing seam metal.

If we choose cedar, I have read so many divergent things about the quality & longevity of both shake and shingle, and that shingle NOT shake was probably not used on houses in the 1860s...

I'd be so grateful if you could share your experiences and thoughts about the choice especially if you could shed some light on the diverse opinions about maintaining a cedar roof.


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Cedar and copper details don't mix well, for starters.
In my area there was a tradition of slate for the main roof and standing-seam tin for porch roofs or other areas where falling ice would destroy the slates.
Shakes tend to last longer than sawn shingles because they self-ventilate better, and they contain more actual material.
I think now that cedar shingles last longer than 20 years ago (when they were failing left and right in a few years) because some better details have been worked out. The courses now get interfaced with a spun synthetic material so that water is not trapped between.
Actual seamed-in-place standing seam is always going to be a great material and an appropriate look for an old house. I view with disdain the snap-lock fake "standing-seam look" materials. They don't have the same craftsmanship, appearance or IMO longevity as the real thing.

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