Booboo on trying to remove paint from hardware, how to fix it?

gardeningmomof5February 3, 2013

During a moment of not thinking properly, I removed the hardware from one of our doors, and soaked in paint remover to remove the white paint on it. Checked on them and it did a very good job... of stripping ALL the paint. The original black paint as well, hence the lack of thinking on my part. So here is the two part question. What type of paint should I use to re-paint the stripped one, and is there a way to remove the white paint from the rest of the hardware (every door in the house has hardware like the above pic) without removing the original paint?

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I never use paint remover on hardware. I boil it in water in an old pan it "melts" the paint allowing you to wipe it off (careful-it gets really hot). I'd try it on one piece. If the top layer is latex, there's a good chance that just light boiling might be enough to enable you to wipe off the white paint leaving the enamel original coat intact. Worth a try.

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Black rustoleum (oil enamel) with a few drops of red added in to warm it up will be a pretty fair match. Straight black can read a little cold/blue, is why I add red.

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Both good tips, thank you!

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