Tile floors that look like wood??? Like? Dislike? Recommendations

twingleFebruary 10, 2013

Researching flooring choices and came across tiles that look like wood. This maybe the perfect solution for us. My house is on a crawl space that is uninsulated. The crawl space is also inaccessible the house was a small summer house that was added onto a few times so there are beams and partitions all over so insulating would be a nightmare . We have ceramic tile floors that are cold and cracked that I really don't like. I really wanted wood floors in the new kitchen/great room but I have 4 young boys and a 130 pound Bernese puppy. I wanted to do radiant heat also which I don't think you can do with real wood. Does anyone have a floor with the ceramic/porcelain tile that looks like wood?? Do you like it? Where is a good source? I'm in NY on Long Island.

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You can nail wood floors into radiant subflooring like Warmboards. Some porcelain wood tiles look very nice but the better ones seem to cost as much as wood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Warmboards FAQ

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I have the ABK woodway in Noce. I absolutely love it. With a messy husband and a puppy that drops puddles of water from her beard, we abuse our floors and these are bullet proof. Yes, they are cold, and can be more expensive than real wood. For us it was just about practicality in our day to day. In LI you have lots of choices on where to go.. too many to recommend just one!

after 1 year, here is my unfinished (and messy!) kitchen.

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oops, forgot to add the picture

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What is ABK?

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Here's a couple of pics of mine installed 2 years ago. We love the ease of upkeep and how bulletproof it is. I've also included a link to another thread on the same topic with pics.

Mine is Daltile Timber Glen in Hickory. We used Laticrete Epoxy grout in some kind of dark brown color... can't remember the name.

Here is a link that might be useful: wood tile floor link

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I love them. I wish I had known about them several years ago when we put in tile floors in our kitchen. I especially like them when the are set very close together for a minimal grout line. I love the look of wood but with our back entry straight into the kitchen and two Newfoundlands, they'd be trashed in no time. Tile gives us the durability we need, but I wish we had the look of wood. By the way, my guess is that your BMD would vote against the heated floors.

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I've been researching these recently and will probably be getting these. One thing is to get the rectified porcelain which is straighter, more precise so that you can have the skinny grout lines so that it looks more like wood and less like tile.

I've got five different samples sitting right here. My daughter thought they were wood samples until she picked one up.

They seem so practical with pets and a pool where wood would be a impractical.

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I've been looking at these also, but for some reason I'm afraid to do it. I just don't want people to think of it as fake wood. I was in Home Depot last weekend and they had a new one in that looked more like wood than any I've seen before. They had displays of it where they used a darker grout that matched the color of the tile and it looked beautiful.

If you look at my clips, you'll see one that also looks really pretty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marazzi Montagna at Home Depot

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my sister has them in her kitchen, den and her entry way. The kitchen & den have gas heated underfloor water coils. costs more than wood but way more durable. they are porcelain, and 6 years old - still looks like new. My wood floors don't look new after 1 year.

if your current tiles are cracked you may have to repair the subfloor first. I would HIGHLY recommend underfloor heating with tile. If I had the money and it would pay to renovate like that in my area, I would opt for wood tiles over heated floor.

It looks like wood, but it is clear to anyone that it is tile. It does not show dirt like a uniform tile would. It has a lovely rich look.

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FYI... if you are getting them to fool people into thinking they are wood you may be disappointed. I got them for durability and because I simply loved the look. Many people do come in and think they are wood but that wasn't part of my plan. They hide everything and I'll never have to redo or resurface my again.

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We did this in our m-i-l apartment we just built and will use the same in the house. It looks fantastic and people can't believe it's not real wood. We both love the look of wood and wanted it. But for the same reasons, dogs and living on 15 acres and the dirt we knew real wood wouldn't hold up. We went with Interceramic Timberlands in Golden Saddle. The only thing I told my tile guy is that I wanted the smallest grout lines possible. He did a great job. I have a couple of pictures but they are on my office computer. I will try to figure out how to post one tomorrow.

One thing I was told was to not use the really long planks. Keep it 24" because the longer tend to warp worse and are harder to lay. And if you're hoping it will be less costly than real wood..... Nope, not around here anyway. Price was comparable to a good hardwood.

I love it and it will be the main flooring in our house.

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We removed out newly stained oak floors(parquet look didn't go with new kitchen) and installed Ariostea porcelain tile floors(color Rovere Impero. We were looking for a rustic reclaimed look and we think we nailed it. We love the durability and we can go a couple of days between sweeping cause it hides dust/dirt so well. The pieces were 6" x 48" in size and we went with a 1/16" grout line. The price was a lot more than hardwood floor. ;

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Slappy, from that photo I would never know those weren't wood floors. Beautiful.

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Slappy, from that photo I would never know those weren't wood floors. Beautiful.

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I agree with remodelfla. I have them in our TV room and they are similar to remodel's except mine have three different size planks
I got them before they became as popular as they are today. Mine are a soft beige and I can't say they fool anyone into thinking they are wood. But, from just browsing, there are so many more choices out there and I have to say some do look close to wood.

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Sailorgirl- yeah I know my Berner might not like the heated floors but my kitchen /great room is very large (40 x 24) and its all ceramic tile with uninsulated crawl space. A pipe froze 2 wks ago. So I thought tile floor withradiant heat might solve the chill factor. He is only a year old so may be I could find a pad for him to lay on. He has to be with everyone he doesn't like to be by himself. He is very family oriented. So I need to find a solution for him also.

Thx for the links the tiles are beautiful

Remodel I'm not looking to fool anyone. For the reasons I laid out - cold crawl space, 4 young boys, 130 pound puppy and an IGP a real wood floor doesn't seem like the right choice

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twingle... all your reasons were similar to mine for getting this floor. I think it sounds like a great choice for you. Good luck!

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I was in the Dal-tile showroom in Portland OR and saw samples of these on the wall. My first reaction was "I didn't know they did wood floors" lol. Well of course it was tile but it did give a good representation of wood. Anyway I have large dogs and a grotty looking floor with lots of claw marks in them so I've been looking for a solution to dogs and males with clomping work boots that will suit a 1950 cottage ranch style bungalow.

I'm seriously going to consider this product for the kitchen floor. The living room has oak which leads into the kitchen so I'll be looking for a tile to match somewhat.

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