chicken nuggets recipe?

NinaBDecember 22, 2001

My dh and dtr LOVE chicken nuggets or sometimes called chicken tenders. Anyone ever made these and froze them? They are so expensive in the stores, would like to make my own that they could heat up anytime.

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Nina: I have made chicken fingers, but have never frozen them. I don't see why you couldn't though. This is how I do mine.

Chicken breasts cut in to wide strips
Or use a package of chicken tenderloins

fresh bread crumbs (or you can buy dried bread crumbs)
parmesan cheese
salt and pepper

Beat eggs in shallot dish (I use a glass pie plate) and add the grated parmesan cheese.

Place flour on some wax paper and season with salt and pepper

mince a garlic clove and rub over the chicken breast strips( If you do not want to use fresh garlic, you can add some garlic powder to the flour with the salt and pepper.)

place bread crumbs on wax paper

Dip chicken fingers into flour, then into the egg and parmesan cheese mixture. Coat with bread crumbs. You could freeze on cookie sheet and then place in freezer bags and return to freezer. Or you could use right away by heating some olive oil or vegetable oil until hot and saute turning once, when chicken is golden. Blot with paper towels and keep warm in oven until all are cooked. Does not take long to cook. Ann.

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Ann, these sound really good, can't wait to try them. Could I just bake them in the oven rather than frying once they have been frozen? Maybe at 350° or so for 20 - 25 min.?????Any thoughts?

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Nina: I don't tend to freeze a lot of prepared foods but my guess would be that you could bake them in the oven. You might want to place them on a greased pan and turn them over half way through cooking. I would probably cook them in a 400°F rather than 350°. Depending on the thickness and whether or not they were still frozen when you placed them in the oven, they should cook in 25 to 30 minutes. Ann.

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This sounds so good. I've got to try it. I'll bet you could make steak fingers like this too. I think I'd try to freeze them the way Ann suggested. Now I've got to find a chicken sale.

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Dustbunni, I not sure about steak but I have used the same ingredients with pork tenderloin. I just cut medallions from the pork and pound out thin and then proceed. Often I don't cut the chicken breasts into strips but just pound them out thin like the pork. Ann.

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If yourare going to bake them I would spray the tops with a mist of cooking oil before flipping so they will not stick so bad when you flip. Just a thought. Laurie

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I make chicken nuggets for my grand children....and while I'm at it I make some more highly seasoned ones for the adults.
Here's what I do:
Cut chicken breast (uncooked) into strips, my kids like them about 1/2 an inch wide by 2 inches long....they look more like what comes from the freezer case in the store!
I always have my own bread crumbs from my own bread....and I toast the crumbs so they are brown ( no!! Not in the toaster silly, on a cookie sheet in a 300 oven!), Then I season the crumbs with garlic powder, chili powder, dried parsley and grated parmesan ( I use the box for's finer and drier and mixes better with the crumbs). I roll the chicken pieces in evaporated milk, then in the the crumbs into the chicken.. and place on a baking sheet and bake at 350 for aboit 15 minutes....for those little strips.
I'm sure that you could freeze the strips before baking....just put on a sheet and freeze for 30 minutes or so 'till firm then bag.
The strips are also really good rolled in a grainy deli mustard before rolling in the crumbs....but kids don't like that!
Linda C

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Hi : I do this a lot for my 15 year old and her entourage, I use a recipe very similiar to Anne's but without the garlic. I cook all my chicken fingers right away and then freeze. I just find that the kids aren't too much for detail so this way they can reheat any way they want ( microwave, oven , toaster oven) but at least I know they are cooked!

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Thanks for all the great tips, I'll
give it a try.

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