What a great gift!

coconut_njAugust 8, 2012

Not much is closer to an Italian woman's heart than garlic, tomatoes and basil. Our great member Tricia sent me about a dozen heads of this years garlic crop. It is so mellow. The cloves are so fat and luscious. Couldn't ask for a better gift.

You guys know what a pasta head I am so I was lucky enough to have friends give me tomatoes, basil and lots of eggplant so I used almost a whole head of that garlic and made a really delicious pasta sauce. Oh, I had a couple of patty pan and threw them in too. The garlic really did carry the dish. We had it on farfalle. Perfect.

Thanks so much Tricia for such a generous gift. It is well loved. My hero. Smiles. I'm going to make ratatouille with some next and some hummus is on the list too.

You can even see in the picture how fat each clove is. Yummm.

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AAH.....fat heads of garlic....better than Chanel #5!

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I agree with Linda. Gorgeous garlic.

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Oh yes, I do love my Chanel, but this garlic...It's Italian Softneck, btw. I'm looking forward to tasting it in the Hummus too.

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Yum, there's nothing quite like really fresh garlic, is there?


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Homegrown fresh garlic spoils you for eating any other.
Great gift!!!


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Thoughtful, beautiful, yummy...my kind of gift.

Have fun.

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How nice of Tricia!!! And what a wonderful gift for you!

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beachlily z9a

Lovely garlic!

I forgot to post that in a trade, Annie sent me some fresh garlic too! Let's just say the first time I tried it, the shock of hot garlic was unexpected. I've since tried the Music garlic, and it is lovely. Now I owe her some lemons. Gotta prop those limbs up today!

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Oh, yum! That garlic looks great, and the dish you made has my mouth watering.


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It's true that there is nothing quite like home grown super fresh garlic. Like other things that aren't always available, you try to put the wonderful versions out of your mind until you get them again. This is a real treat. I decided to do Christys fellow employees a favor and wait until the weekend for the hummus. I intend to make it quite pungent! Off to make it now. She picked up some flatbread for me last night. Sounds like lunch to me. Maybe with some sliced cucumbers and a tomato.

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Glad you are enjoying the garlic, Coconut. It's always fun to share a harvest bounty. Sounds like you are putting it to good use. The hummus/flatbread sounds like a good lunch!


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What a nice gift and beautiful garlic, Tricia.

Hummus is great to showcase the fresh garlic flavor. I can only imagine that you will enjoy it many ways, Coconut.

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It sure is Lee. Turns out the bread Christy got for me to use is Arnold's 8 Grain Pocket Thins Flatbread. What a great choice. I do so love multi grain. I toasted the triangles in a lightly buttered cast iron till crisp. The hummus turned out great. I don't like olive oil and didn't use any oil at all. I happened to have more limes than lemons so I used mostly lime juice. I'll do that again.

I sure am getting good use out of them Tricia. I used almost a whole small head in the hummus. Even with that much, it's as you said Tricia. ...mellow.

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'nuff said.


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