Holiday Cookie Recipes

SternDecember 6, 2001

What kinds of cookies do you make for the holidays?

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If I have time I like to make the traditional shortbread and thumbprint cookies. I always try and get the gifts bought and wrapped before I attempt the baking. I also do mini cheese-cakes too.

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My mom, sister and I are getting together for a cookie-baking marathon this weekend. Here's what we're baking:

- snickerdoodles (with the cinnamon mixed in, and rolled in colored sugars instead of cinnamon/sugar mix)
- snowball cookies
- brownie mounds (basically drop cookies that taste like brownies)
- rum balls
- toffee bars (graham cracker crust, caramel layer, chocolate layer, nuts sprinkled on top)
- thumbprint cookies
- sugar cookie with candied cherry pressed in center
- "buckeyes" - basically homemade peanut-butter cups in ball shapes
- traditional cookie-cutter sugar cookies

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I dont make any, DH wont eat sweets at all, he doesnt like them and his 8 yr old likes one now and then but I must be the only person who had to throw out oreos after a year. I like the odd ones and will eat lots at someone elses house but few at home.

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We like the Christmas cresent, Sandies, Mexican Wedding cookies. These cookies have several names, but are all the same thing. They are a white type dough with pecans in them. They are rolled in powdered sugar after cooking. I'm craving one right now.

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