What to keep in deep freezer vs. refrig/freezer?

Michelle_MODecember 28, 2001

I just received a small deep freezer chest for Christmas (yippee!!) and want to use it to help me stock up on meats and frozen veggies when on sale, as well as keeping a stock of casseroles or frozen meals that I batch prepare.

The freezer will be in the basement and the fridge/freezer is in the kitchen of course.

I'm wondering what things I should keep in what freezer for best organization, convenience and long storage? Meats in the deep freeze? Where should convenience foods like snacks, frozen pizza, frozen entrees go? I also make my own baby food and chicken stock and freeze into ice cube trays, then put the cubes in ziploc bags - which freezer would you keep those in?

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I think I'd keep the baby food in the refrigerator freezer.
I envy your small freezer. Mine is just too big now that the kids are gone. It's half full of frozen water bottles. And, you might start thinking about this just because the freezer doesn't run as often when it's full. Freezeing water has also saved me during a couple of power outages. Once it was out for a day and a half due to a flood.
I think I'd keep my baby food in the refridgerator where it's convenient. Currently I use my refridgerator freezer to hold ice trays, flours, cornmeal,
and what I call tidbits. This is small containers of things like chopped ham, shredded beef and pork, onion, cooked chopped bacon, bell pepper, bread crumbs, my homemade pizza crusts. Tidbits are the things I can grab for a quick meal without having to run from one room to another. For example when I make biscuits, I'll put it off if I've got to down to the big freezer for flour to refill the canister. Everything else is pretty much in the big one.
I have my freezer divided into three sections. Left is frozen veggies, middle is my prepared items, right is meat and poultry. Stuff like icecream goes on top where it fits. When I had kids at home I used to burry stuff like that or it would be gone in a day. I don't buy frozen pizza or other convenience foods anymore. I really don't do once a month cooking as such. I do batch cooking. If I make spaghetti sauce, I make enough to eat that day and two are frozen for later. Same with beans, rice, mashed potato etc. I also freeze cartons of cooked ground beef. I freeze prepared, uncooked burgers for DH to grill. I buy large peices of sirloin and make steaks and roasts. I cook a large quantity of pork or beef at one time so that I can freeze burritos or barbeque. You'll just have to play with it and see what works out for you. I like to cook but I also have other things to do. I end up cooking from scratch about three days a week. Other nights it's scrounge. That's DH's word for throw together some left overs or grab something already made from the freezer. Again I don't have kids around anymore so that makes a big difference in how much time I have to spend planning and preparing meals.

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Orange Juice
English Muffins
Make ahead breakast egg muffins
Pizza Dough
Various Sauces
Frozen Veggies & Fruit
Orange Juice Cubes
Hamburger Patties
Chopped Chicken
Chicken Broth

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