Freezing cornbread?

alisonDecember 15, 2003

Has anyone had any sucess/problems with freezing/re-heating cornbread?

I love cornbread, and consider it the perfect side to nearly every meal. I'm just getting into once-a-month cooking, and I am packing a lot of lunches to freeze and take to work. (And dinners I can pull out when I work late.) I'd like to make one large batch to cut up and freeze in containers with each meal -- how well does it take that kind of treatment?

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I'm new at this also, but did freeze some of the cornbread that you fry on top of the stove that looks like pancakes. It did fine.

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Yes, I freeze it and also refrigerate it. To reheat it after you thaw it out put it in a brown paper bag and place in the microwave a few seconds. Watch carefully so it doesn't catch fire but it tastes more like fresh cooked using this method.

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I do also but I actually perfer to make it in muffin tins..but it will freeze well...

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