Help me compose a list of cabinet lines that have QS oak

ncamyFebruary 3, 2011

I am getting so frustrated. Every time someone recommends a brand of cabinetry I get excited and start looking into them only to find out that they don't use quarter sawn oak. Sometimes the company's online information is so vague that I have to write the company before finding the information I need.

It would be nice if I could find a line that is both frameless and quarter sawn, but I guess since the QS oak is such an "old fashioned" look, it's just not common to find it in a frameless cabinet. I do want a simple shaker, arts and crafts look. I am also considering inset. I know they are sooo opposite, but I like to investigate my options!

The sky is NOT the limit so I need to be careful of price. I did price Medallion which came in around $26,000. Although that pricepoint is acceptable, we really can't go higher. (By the way I liked the Medallion alright, but I did think it was a bit slick and varnished looking. My furniture and my floors will not have a shiny finish on it and I don't want my cabinets to.)

Any kitchen reps out there care to help me with a list of options??? Thank you.

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We had our cabinets made by Kennebec Company but they are considerably more expensive than Medalliion. In fact, the only reason we went with them was because we liked their oak the best. I had no intention of buying such expensive cabinets and in some ways still feel badly about it. I know that Crown Point and Plato both do frameless QS oak but they are also pricier than Medallion though not as expensive as Kennebec.

You may be having a hard time finding frameless QS cabinets because it's most commonly used in Craftsman style kitchens. However, there are many listed in the Finished Kitchen Blog. Be sure to scroll down past the big white space. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Quarter Sawn Oak Kitchens.

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I can send you the contact information for the cabinet maker we used, who is based in Asheville (where you live), if you're interested. Shoot me an email or let me know. He can do about any wood species you desire.

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I having my door/drawer fronts made by Scherr's in their premium QS oak. They can also make your boxes. We went with IKEA boxes since they met our needs. The premium QS is just gorgeous and though an upcharge from the regular QS, I was able to do it since I saved money elsewhere. They are shipping out today so I'll be able to post pics soon.

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Dura Supreme and I believe Schuler's at Lowe's (but I think that is the same as Medallion). I think Dura Supreme has renewed the species upgrade promotion which means that you can don't pay the upgrade price for Quarter Sawn Oak.

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Kraftmaid has quarter sawn oak in a shaker style. They're yummy looking, especially in one of the darker finishes like the Kaffe.

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QS oak - my favorite wood! I've had fruitless searches, too, complicated because I *don't* want Shaker style doors.

DeWils offers QS oak in their framed and frameless lines in a variety of door styles. In other words, they offer QS oak in a door style other than Shaker. And the really nice thing is that they don't upcharge for their woods. QS oak is the same price as flat-sawn oak.

They are local for me (I'm in the PNW) but their market extends beyond my area. You'll need to check if they are available in your area.

Several GWers have used DeWils. Here are the few I recall:

becktheeng, (Sorry, you'll need to copy and paste the url. I can't make heads or tails out of the How To Create Hyperlinks instructions anymore.)

cloud_swift (can't find her kitchen in the FKB)

earth_pal (not in FKB either)

Here is a link that might be useful: DeWils Cabinetry

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I am a kitchen designer representing a line of custom cabinetry made by a small furniture maker in Amish country, Ohio. Cabinets are beautifully made (think Kennebec) using old fashioned joinery techniques, but very reasonably priced. Christopher Peacock has a strong market presence where I am in the Northeast, and I can replicate their doors, quarter sawn oak drawer boxes, (with stain to MATCH, which CP cannot do themselves...) whatever you are looking for. All my design services (i can spend anywhere from 30-100 hours on a kitchen!) are included in the cabinet costs. Any door style, wood species, color, frame, panel, stain, or finish is possible, and upgrades for custom are very reasonable. I have done doors to match Christopher Peacock's new contemporary line, at a fraction of CP pricing! I do not believe we make frameless cabinets, because they arent as sturdy, but full overlay doors (as well as inset, of course) are possible, and full overlay looks the same, whether it is over a framed or frameless cabinet. I am based out of Westchester county, New York, and basically cover the Northeast area, but can work anywhere if I have accurate drawings. I work with my customers on every detail of their kitchen, from custom cutlery trays to custom crown moldings, and everything in between. Your pricepoint sounds do-able, assuming your kitchen isnt too huge. At your pricepoint, I would have to work remotely, (since it sounds like you are in North Carolina,) based upon your measurements, in conjunction with your architect or builder. If this sounds interesting to you, pls respond or contact me through my website blog. If you have drawings, i can get pricing very quickly, but chances are, you will want to change things when your options for customizing open up!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Design Diary

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I got my frameless, shaker-style, QS red oak from Scherr's ( ). Since they are a true custom manufacturer, the choice of wood, the style of door, the style of drawer front, and the color of stain are all independent decisions. You decide want you want, and they make it.

Below are some pictures of my kitchen:
For the entire kitchen of cabinets the price was ~$18000.

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Starmark offers quarter sawn oak in framed and inset cabinets.

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Crown Point have gorgeous quarter sawn oak.

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We did frameless, shaker style QS white oak cabinets very reasonably from a local cabinet maker-have you considered custom? Right now many cabinet shops are giving very competitive prices, at least in our area.

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Thank you all for coming through with such a nice list! Yes, we are willing to consider custom. The only thing is we used a local custom guy in our last house and although the quality was good, it was a major pain and a loooong wait to get things fixed. He once kept a cabinet door almost year. I finally asked for it back (unrepaired) so that I could install it for a party we were hosting. After the party he finally did get the door redone...three months later. So needless to say DH isn't too keen on the custom experience and thought we might be better off to go with an established company. I think we stand a better chance of getting what we want if we go custom again, but obviously not the same guy!

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That sounds like a frustrating experience-I hope you find somewhere to get the cabinets you want! I am happy my dh held out for QS (I settled for a painted island) because I love how warm and cheerful our kitchen turned out.
Good luck!

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I love QS oak! - I thought I was getting a white kitchen until I found Kennebec Cabinetry
Oh, it was difficult to decide once in their showroom, I didn't even know Riftsawn existed! Stunning - We ended up getting Mahogany - Could not be happier

It is worth getting a price from Kennebec - they are lovely people to work with.

Cheri has a gorgeous QS cabs - Cheri enjoy your choice!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kennebec cabs

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Here's a company with quarter sawn oak


Although I didn't get the QSO, I do have a new kitchen of their custom cabinetry and they are well fitting and very, very nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Custom wood products

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Hi Jejvtr. You are really so sweet. Yea, I do feel badly, but our cabinets are beyond gorgeous! I have two final decorating details to finish and then I can finally post my kitchen (even though there aren't many here who remember my design/reno process, it's been so long).

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6 Square is the least expensive framed quarter sawn oak on the market today if you want to save money. They only offer it in 1 stain color in shaker style. It is an in stock cabinet line with lifetime warranty. Your kitchen would have 104' of walls covered head to to toe in cabinets to cost 26,000 with 6 square.

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Kathylquiltz: I'm happy to hear from someone on GW who has CWP. I have looked at them, but no one on here ever mentions them. How does their price point compare to other brands?

David: What other brands do you know of that have QSO? I do need to do some customization and I'm kinda picky about the finish.

To the others: I love Kennebec and Crown Point and have seen both in person and fallen in love many times over. But alas, they are expensive!

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Showplace has a beautiful QS cabinet. I got a bid from them, and nearly fell over. $62,000! probably because I had too many cusotm features that weren't part of the their stock cabinets. And one thing that swayed me away was their standard is to do white laminate on the interiors, which was a huge upgrade to do wood.

We ended up with total custom from the cabinet maker who did our last kitchen. He was half the price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Showplace QS Oak

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I am so sorry it is such a struggle to find Qrt Sawn Oak.
Bummer. You did metion Medallion but put it below anyway.
My favorite co. is Kennebec of all those listed below.
Joyce has great advice, consider hiring a cabinet maker
You will probably find in this economy you can get a much
better deal if you are willing to pay for the artistic
talent of the woodworker. And that is key with Qrt sawn oak.
Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for.








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Custom does not always mean local. I own a shop in Aberdeen, NC (outside of Pinehurst) and we do a lot of custom jobs all over the state and other bordering states. With faxes and internet distance does not mean so much anymore. Sometimes we have locals install but not all of the time.
Don't let a bad experience with a local guy hold you back on custom. Most shops pride themselves on timely responses...I know we do. There are a lot of shops that will travel for jobs.

Travis Alfrey
Travis Alfrey Woodworking

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Dynasty has QS Oak in many stains. However, they are not frameless.

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In case anybody would want a QS white oak in a RTA, look at Conestoga.

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I have been involved with Showplace Wood Products (Showplace Cabinetry) since it became a company (first posting) and would encourage you to check out a Showplace dealer for your quartersawn cabinetry

I see Joyce mentioned having been quoted Showplace for a significant dollar amount and find the dollars mentioned alarming and certainly not normal. I would expect you would be able to buy Showplace very near Medallion. Could be a little higher or lower depending on how exact/similar the cabinets and/or installation are specified.

Couple of important things that work in your favor right now; Showplace has significant price promotions directly related to species upcharges right now - this is especially important when shopping quartersawn since that is such a premium specie. Also, if you are interested in inset, Showplace recently reduced their pricing on inset somewhere areound 15% so if you couple that with the temporary specie price reduction you've really got something.

The Showplace interior is not white, but it is a wood-grain printed laminate which is applied to plywood and has a urethane topcoat for durability and smoothness which is nice for cleaning.

Finally, when you buy quartersawn white oak (and it is white oak which is more authentic than quartersawn red oak) from Showplace, all of the components from plywoods, to frames, doors, drawer fronts, moldings, etc are true quartersawn white oak. Many other brands will mix other oak material for items that are not as noticible but which prevent the total kitchen from having a truly authentic appearance. Check them out closely.

I love the way this community appears to interact with everyone genuinely looking to be helpful. Best advice is always to check multiple brands and even dealers sometimes. I'm certain Showplace will earn their fare share of business from this group - they're that good. :)

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Here are a couple others that have not been mentioned:

Mouser (similar pricing to Crown Point)
Branch Hill Joinery (Out of Michigan, but they do deliver)
Plato (although I think they are expensive and their website is hard to navigate)

I liked the DeWils to, but they were hard to come by in our area.

I ended up getting quotes from 3 custom cabinet makers, and we are proceeding with one of them who is Amish. He had a ton of things that is is working on in his shop and I got several recommendations for his work. He is great to work with, and our cabinets will be at least $4,000 cheaper with him than the custom manufactured lines like Mouser or Crownpoint. It is actually more than that, since that was just the difference in the cabinets. Our cabinet maker does all soft-close doors and drawers as standard, and our final cost included the finished back of the raised bar with the shelves, which the manufactured lines did not (see attached sketches). So it is probably closer to $6,000+ less than those lines.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Cabinet Sketches

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A few years ago, Branch Hill Joinery made my kitchen cabinets in quartersawn white oak for our historical home and they are absolutely beautiful - full inset drawers and doors and real mortise hinges. Blum blumotion full extension soft close undermount drawer slides are standard. The cost was very reasonable especially considering the high quality.

The designer works directly with the Amish and I believe she actually owns the workshop and all the equipment. She was great helping us design our kitchen too. The lead Amish craftsman is unlike any other I have ever encountered. Take a look at their website and you can see my kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Branch Hill Joinery

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I will second Showplace!!!! Like insider said, they use all WHITE oak, not red oak....which is more authentic. It is gorgeous! Trust me, I also carry Medallion and KraftMaid to compare it to and Showplace is the nicest looking.

And insider is correct, Showplace is priced around Medallion. Maybe that previous poster with the $62K estimate included labor or had a really big kitchen. Or the designer made a mistake in pricing.


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