6-Quart NESCO Roaster Air Convection

njwilsonDecember 16, 2009

I just purchased one of these used off of eBay and I don't think it has the instructions on how to use the convection lid. For those of you who have it, are the instructions the same as the new 12-quart version because the lid looks totally different. I have checked the NESCO website and the manual isn't available there.

Hope someone has this roaster and can help me.



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I heard from the person I bought this from and there are no instructions but NESCO still has some in print so I ordered them today. What a relief!!!

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If you have any questions on using it, I'll be glad to try to help. You can even email me if you like. Pretty much self explanatory though. Unless they changed it since I bought mine, the fan unit, hence operation, was the same on the 6, 12 and 18 quart units. At the time I got mine, there was no fan available for the 4 or 5 quart units.

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I've used it several times already and love it. Just wish the roast-air-convection lid was still available for the 18 quart.

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