freezing casseroles

mikesgirl1990November 27, 2007

I am new to this forum--cooking ahead is really intriguing to me!!! So I've decide to try making a few casseroles up in advance---the question I have is this---I really prefer things that have been stored,cooked etc in glass---I'm not a fan of plastics or foil. Does any one freeze in a regular csserole dish, AND if so what do you use to cover the top.Thanks so much for you help


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Leah, I dislike freezing foods in foil, too. Especially casseroles that contain acid food such as tomato. It may be o.k. but it worries me. Besides that, I have only a few casserole dishes and don't want to store them in the freezer. So what I do is prepare the casserole - either precooked or not depending on the recipe - in the dish I prefer. Then I freeze the food in the dish until it is firm. At that point I can remove the food and wrap it or even vacuum seal it without the dish, which I can continue to use. When I want to use the frozen casserole I can just match it up to its original dish and proceed.

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Pyrex makes covers for their casserole dishes and I use those when I freeze .
When I go to put them in the oven , I take the lid off and cover the dish with
foil .

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I cover with plastic wrap first and then put on the foil.

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