So have you started cooking for Thanksgiving?

Jane in CTNovember 20, 2001

What have you cooked for Thanksgiving so far?

I am picking up a 'boxed' thanksgiving dinner from the local super stop & shop but I know that I will need some more food than what is prepared.

Today I made the mashed potatoes for our Shepard's Pie and I made 'extra' and put them in a pyrex type dish and it's in the fridge for! Just nuke and enjoy!

Tomorrow I need to grocery shop and I would like to make some desserts, yum! ;)

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I started Monday. Made cornbread for dressing and froze mashed potatoes and honey maple rolls. Tomorrow I'll make two pumpkin pies, green beans w. garlic, bake the ham and green chili corn pudding. Pack relish tray in zip baggies ready for the tray. Turkey's thawing in the refridgerator. Actually on Thursday moning about all I'll have to do is stuff and bake the turkey, make gravy, and assemble fruit salad and relish tray. The rest is all just heat and eat.

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This is why I love potluck. I'm only responsible for the turkey and a spinach salad.

We bought the turkey on Monday and it is in the refrigerator thawing. We'll cook it tonight and warm it at mil's tomorrow. We'll stop by the store for fresh spinich greens and salad fixin's tonight. As long as someone else makes sure that we have mashed potatoes tomorrow, I'm happy. Mmmmmmmm.

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Today I prepared a vegetarian lasagne, a cranberry salad, and a cheesecake to go along with the typical turkey and mashed potatoe fixin's for tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving All!!

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I'm making a pumpkin cheesecake tonight - and taking it over to my parents tomorrow where *they* are doing the cooking and my grandma is bringing pie and other stuff. :-)

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I did the meat stuffing on Monday, the butternut squash yesterday, the creamed onions today and most of the individual ingredients for the bread stuffing, and the shrimp. Tomorrow is putting the bread stuffing in the crockpot, roasting the turkey, cooking Brussel sprouts, and opening the can of cranberry sauce. Hubby bakes the potatoes. Can't wait!

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