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angieNovember 18, 2001

I have a question regarding a formal table setting. If you know in advance that a guest doesn't drink wine, would you still set the table with wine goblets for this guest? I have been setting it and placing all the wine goblets on the table, then removing them when it is time to pour the wine. Which one is proper? Love your input. Reply before Thanksgiving-----please.

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Not positive but I think that you should remove the glasses when pouring the wine. My theory is based upon when my husband and I go to fancy restaurants, they usually already have wine glasses available and then remove them if you order something else.

Additionally, I heard of gatherings where they serve Chilled Apple Juice/Grape Juice in the wine glasses for some guests. That may be not as formal as you like but it is another option.


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thanks Kimbery. That's the way I have been doing it for years. That's an idea to serve a beverage in the wine goblet. That way I don't have to remove the glass. Happy Thankgsving.

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I would agree. If a person does not drink wine, I have been known to put whatever they ARE drinking in the wine glass (water, juice, even soda!). If there are children present, they LOVE to drink out of wine glasses, even milk is special out of such a pretty glass.

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