Shiloh Cabinets - Feedback?

chris11895February 19, 2010

I'm looking at various cabinet lines and was wondering if anyone with Shiloh cabinets can post if they have any complaints after having them installed for a while? Any feedback or tips are appreciated! We're looking at the all-wood line, not the laminate one.

I did serahc the boards but it looks like many of the older threads have disappeared.

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I have Shiloh Oxford Maple. The perimeter cabinets are Polar with Pewter glaze; the island is Charcoal -- both with full overlay doors and light distressing. They were installed in June '09.

We're very happy with them. We had a couple of oddities in the layout and they were able to customize those areas nicely. The finish cleans up well. I have mostly drawers in the kitchen, and even the one that holds my heavy dishes works easily.

My one small problem: after several months the trash door began to drift open on its own. The local distributor says it will be an easy fix, but so far they and Shiloh haven't decided what to do, whether to adjust it or replace the hardware. That's been a little slow getting done, but I'm not sure if it's our kitchen shop or Shiloh. It's a large kitchen, so to have had only one small problem is pretty good, I think, especially when I read some of the horror stories here!

All in all, we're pleased with our choice. I've posted pics elsewhere, but if you'd like a couple here, let me know.

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We just ordered our Shiloh beaded inset Charleston cabinets on Tuesday. They won't be installed until the end of March, so I can't give you a review. But when I posted a similar question about Shiloh quality months ago, both hostagrams and theanimala posted positive reviews.

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That would be great, I searched but couldn't find any of your posts with pictures. Thanks again!

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We have had ours installed since August 2009. Build quality is great. Only issue I have right now is that the panel in our shaker door has "drifted" to the side. Since it's a dark espresso stain, you can see the natural maple wood in a slight line on one side. This seemed to happen overnight to all of the doors on our island. Our KD says the panel can be pushed back but I have been unsuccessful. KD is coming over this weekend to take a look, and said he will get us new doors if needed. I can post a picture if interested.

I will also update after KD visits to let you know if the problem is resolved.

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Chris, here are a few . . . We don't have the backsplash yet, and the tile floor actually reads more grey in person. For some reason, photos seem to bring out the tan parts. The perimeter countertops are Zodiaq quartz, in Eclipse Blue; the island is Venezian brushed granite, Polo color. Sinks are Silgranit Anthracite.

The outside angle where the beverage center meets the sink wall was one of the things they had to custom build. Both upper and lower cabinets are actually triangles behind the full-size doors. This half is actually the daily "working" part of the kitchen.

This part of the kitchen isn't really used in basic food prep -- We use it as a server for larger gatherings. So although the island looks like a barrier, it really isn't. I'll be getting glass for the doors locally, but haven't done that yet.

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We also just placed an order for Shiloh cabinets. One surprise was that though we wanted full extension drawers, but not the soft-close, we were told that now the soft-close is included with the full extension drawer at no extra cost. I guess we might like it, but it wasn't something we wanted to pay extra for.

We put Shiloh cabinets in our old house -- remodeled in '05. We were only there for a couple of years after the remodel, but we had absolutely no complaints about the cabinets in that time. At the install, we had asked for a lazy-susan in the corner upper, but when I saw it I asked that it be removed -- it was a lot smaller than the cabinet, and just a huge waste of space.

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Shiloh cabinets were used in the builder spec home we purchased in 2007. While they are not the style or color I might have chosen, they are easy to live with. We never added hardware and despite that, surface finishes are still like new. I would definitely recommend this manufacturer.

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