Best turkey strategies?

alisonNovember 16, 2003

I've accumulated several coupons for free turkeys, and turkey sales abound -- I'm looking for strategies to take adavantage of the low prices.

I'm a single person, and I don't really see roasting a whole 10-12 pound turkey. But I'm looking for ways to cook and freeze turkey, parts or whole.

I'm actually thinking of donating the coupons for free turkeys to the local foodbank, since the coupons expire 11.27. But now is the time to stock up on all those more manageable portions like breasts and thighs.

How do you take advantage of the great sales?

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I've asked the meat guy to cut the turkey in half so can freeze half and use the other half or freeze both til ready. Or roast it up and freeze the meat and broth in portions to your liking. Your idea for the foodbank is a good one.


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Just the 2 of us, so when I get a turkey, I often give it a "masectomy" and remove one of the breasts before cooking. Then I make breaded cutlets with that. I'll then roast the rest of the turkey and have a regular turkey meal with some leftovers & sandwiches (maybe a casserole if it is big enough), and then, of course, use the carcass and leftover dark meat for soup. Makes a lot of varied meals out of one bird! Linda (I'm a newbie on this forum)

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I just cooked a turkey a month or so ago and we had several meals from it, then I froze some of it, including the legs. I think, though, the next time that I freeze turkey, I will freeze several 2-cup portions so I can use them for either soups or casseroles.

My DH is really not a casserole kind of guy, more like meat & potatoes, but I asked him a week or so ago----"Steak or turkey tonight? I'll probably make a turkey casserole." He surprised me by selecting the turkey!!

So, after cutting up some of the turkey meat, adding some leftover cornbread crumbs, cheddar cheese soup (don't know really what I bought this for---had it on hand) and some frozen broccoli right out of the pkg-----it was delicious!

So, I'll definitely do more casseroles, and it's one main dish to clean up.

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I remember coming across a website once that had "sample strategies". The chicken one, for example, started out with a shopping list -- say, six roasters.

Then it went on to describe step by step: Cut up three chickens. Bag all necks and backs for stock. Set aside 3 breast for broiling. Cook 3 breasts and shred for enchiladas.

I'm looking for that kind of detail! Gotta keep surfing the web.

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Finally found the site I was thinking of with the sample strategies.

I think I'll work backwards; group some recipes I like that involve similar ingredients and develop the steps.

Still need to accumulate good one-person, freeze and bake recipes, tho......

Here is a link that might be useful: Sample OAMC strategies...

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