Nesco and turkey breasts

jswalbyNovember 22, 2005

Friends, I've cooked whole birds in my Nesco, but I've never cooked just a breast. I wonder if any of you might have some suggestions on how to best cook my 9 lb. breast?



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Well Jon did it go...I used my roaster for the first time and my turkey was just fabulous...

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I use my Nesco same as the regular oven but I don't need an oven cooking bag since the Nesco makes such a moist heat. My Nesco is an 18 quart. I find that the aluminum half pans that they sell at Sam's fit inside the roaster perfectly. If it is totally messy I can throw it away, but usually I wash them out and get a few uses out of each pan. Seperately at the grocery store those pans are about 1.89 each. I can get 20 at Sam's Club for 11.00.

I love taking my Nesco on the screen porch during the summer, or up to the lake cabin to keep the heat outside. People always borrow it for parties, too!

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