help - I am new to menus - once a week/month

Debbie_in_CanadaNovember 4, 2001

I have to cut back on my grocery bill and feed (well) my family of 5 - three boys!

Where do I start - are there any websites with premade menus and shopping lists to try........

This seems really time consuming...........I dont know where to begin and how to figure out where to start??

How often do you shop? How often do you use fresh?

As you can see I am very interested but very confused.

thanks for helping me!

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Debbie, If you go to and put in "Meal Planning" they will give you all kinds of options to choose from. A few of them offer various menus , as well as grocery lists etc. You can probably find out more than you want to know at one of these sites. As an example this site offers a seven day plan and has a grocery list as well. Have fun. Ann

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Debbie, go to search for OAMC they have a bunch of info on this...I just need a freezer big enough!

Debby in Ohio

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I tend to shop weekly but that's because my husband gets paid weekly. I always, always, make a menu first, then from that menu I prepare my grocery list.

You can make your own list of meals you like real simple. Just keep track of your weekly menus on your computer and compile them together. I like to try a new recipe about 2-3 times a month, if it's a keeper I then put it on my list. After about a month or two of keeping your menus you will find that you have a good amount of meals to choose from. Not bad.

Keeping a menu WILL help you to save money $$ I find that since I have a menu plan that I am less likely to fall prey to the fast foods detour ;)

Good luck and let us know how you do! I'd like to here more!

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I shop once a week, and plan my menus around what is on sale that week, and what I have stocked up in my pantry/freezer. I only stock up on sale items. At one point, I was feeding our family of 4 for $40 a week or less.

Yes, it does take some planning - I sit down with the grocery sale paper, read through the whole thing, writing down anything that I might want to buy, and the sale price. Then I look at what's on my maybe-list, and decide what I could make with those things. Going through my cupboards at that point helps, because seeing what kinds of canned/packaged good you have already can spur your creativity. And that way, you already know what you *won't* have to buy.
After I figure out the menu, then I add on extras and sale stock-up stuff, and then estimate the total. If it's too much, I have to tweak the list - maybe replace a recipe on the menu, or substitute a lower-priced item.

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Check out,

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I am with Becky! To be honest it's been a long time since I had to worry about a food budget but old habits die hard!

I sit down every Saturday morning with the flyers from our local grocery stores and write down everything that is on sale (really on sale not just a come on!). From there I go to my recipes books and plan out a menu based on what's on sale.

I always make sure that if something is on at a really great price a buy a little extra and put it in the freezer, especially big ticket items like prime rib, shrimp, veal etc.

My husband thinks I'm nuts because I don't havr to do this but it gives me great satisfaction to feed my family well, at a reasonable cost.........go figure!

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Let me know if you ar interested in a heap of links that I have collected and I will email them to you.(Free)LOL
There are so many of them when I tried to post them for everyone I recieved a spam alert.I think it's cause the list was so long! Smiles *Heidi S~

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'The Dollar Stretcher' is a great place to find all the info including recipes. Good Luck.......

Here is a link that might be useful: The Dollar Stretcher

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