Success #1!!!!!!! Yayyyyy!

yellowhairNovember 4, 2003

Hey, you guys rock!!! I read some of your posts and went to my fridge yesterday and took out some leftover bread and biscuits--------made French toast, croutons, and breakfast biscuits with ham and eggs. Hubby ate them yesterday and reached into the freezer this morning for more---liked them!!! Last night I made extra rice, froze some of it.

Honestly, I used to get sick going grocery shopping----what am I going to cook, let's see, we had chicken day before yesterday and......--------Now, I don't have to do this!!!

I'm making a list, saving my plastic containers, and I'm gonna do the once-a-month prep. And my kitchen is already cleaner, I'm thinking of every inch of space I'm gonna use, and I'm involving DH by getting his favorite meals and HIS PART in the prep I'm gonna do. He likes cooking, sometimes.

I have a question-----how long can you keep dry engredients---flour, sugar, etc.? I want to buy the larger bulk sizes and do some pre-mixes. Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!!!

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One thing I've found that makes organizing my freezer much easier is to buy a set of those ziploc or glade plastic reusable containers at Sam's or Costco and use them for casseroles, lasagna and spaghetti sauce. The containers stack up nicely and they are see-through so you don't have to wonder what's inside. They also microwave really well if you need to defrost quickly.

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The Big Bear stores in my area are going out of business, so I've been picking up a lot of stuff this weekend. Did a lot of cooking, too. A batch of chili, a batch of chicken and cheese enchiladas, some foil packets with seasoned chicken breasts, and some steaks, seasoned, wrapped and packed with appropriate side dishes.

Now I have no room in my freezer!

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also if you are storing casseroles and don't want to buy a casserole dish for every one, just put foil or saran into your dish and then as soon as the casserole is frozen, take it out....wrap it good and stick it back into the freezer....when you are ready to cook it, it will fit perfectly back in your bowl/dish/pan and the best part, the dish comes out casserole crust to deal with when washing.

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If you don't have one - get a crock pot. The largest you can afford. Not only does it make meal prep simple, but it works great to make up big batches for freezing.

I am single, but I bought a 6-qt anyway, just to give you an idea. I can make all sorts of soup (or whatever) with very little effort. Then freeze it in glad or ziploc plastic containers in meal-sized portions.

When I cook this way, I eat much better, and much cheaper, too. Keeps me away from fast food & high-sodium frozen meals.

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Sugar will keep indefinitely. Flours I keep in the freezer in air tight container and take out enough for my cannister. It will keep at least a year in the freezer. I think I've kept some unopened bags of flour in the cupboard for six months or longer with no bad taste and no one has died on me. Brown sugar will get hard if kept too long but I soften it in the microwave for a few seconds and it softens up real nice.

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