Freezing/reheating pasta?

alisonNovember 15, 2004

I've been accumulating the little trays from Lean Cuisine meals and the like, then cooking big batches of food and filling, sealing, and freezing the little trays. Very economical way to get a variety of quick lunches for work!

I've noticed a lot of the ready made meals have pasta -- does anyone have any advice on duplicating this at home?

Do you cook the pasta thoroughly or only part way? Do you mix the sauce in with the pasta or is it better to keep them on separate sides of the container? Do things like large pieces of mushrooms do well, or do they get gummy when you reheat them?

Appreciate any advice!

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Most that I have eaten were kept seperate but frankly I just mix it up and freeze it...Believe it or not for years I never saved left over spagetti thinking my dear husband would turn his nose up and them one day I had a huge amount and saved it ...Served it a couple of days later and he raved about my pasta so now I always make enough for two meals...
My official answer is that it should be cooked just slighly under done....and frozen seperate from the sauce...

I do neither...just heat it up and reserve it...

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I was talking to my aunt the other day, and she happened to mention she freezes pasta without the sauce, in a freezer bag, then boils the bag and all in boiling water to cook.
I haven't tried it, she says it's great.

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When saving and reheating pasta, I always refrigerate seperately, and then reheat by running it under hot water until warm. You'd hardly know that it wasn't freshly boiled. You might not ever guess!

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I did this when we were renovating. I cooked pasta before 'losing' the kitchen and on occasion over at a friend's during the reno. I froze the cooked plain pasta in quart bags and then micro'd it for use during the loooong 14 months of renovation.

I still freeze leftover pasta - plain mostly - and use it for a quick meal for one for dh who works from home. Maureen

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