Range Detour: 24'' Bertazzoni Wall Oven (jgopp?!)

ironcookFebruary 7, 2011

i was browsing aj madison, and i may just have to rethink the chicken nuggets oven (another thread) because of this:

24" bertazzoni wall oven:

i am NOT one to fall for appliances, but i immediately googled to see if anyone on gardenweb has one.

jgopp posted about the delivery of one on oct 31... and i saw it installed in his/her kitchen photo on the pendant light diffuser thread!

jgopp, or if anyone else has this, please let me know how you like it! thanks!

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Bertazzoni made a version for IKEA which is co-branded with Whirlpool. Yeah, I know, confusing. I have the Ikea version which is basically the same except the knobs are round black plastic, there are fewer buttons, and the handle is not so Euro modern.

I found out mine was Bertazzoni when I had to have the control panel replaced (under warranty), the repairman said my oven was made in Italy and a google search showed Bertazzoni make some of the appliances sold under the Ikea name.

As for that repair issue, I don't believe it was anything wrong with the oven, our electricity is wonky in this house, lots of outages, A/C breakers that die during the hottest week of the summer, etc. We believe we had a kind of power surge which fried the electronics. Anyway, I love it. It's small, so you can only use smaller cookie sheets with it, but otherwise its great. In the past I've owned Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Kenmore and Kitchenaid and this is on par with those. The controls are fairly simple, the left knob is the setting, bake, convection, broil, etc. The right is the temperature setting knob. The model above probably has more functions and settings than mine, but those features were not important as this will eventually become our secondary oven.

Ikea discontinued this model last fall, which is how I got it, on clearance for an amazing $200. But, if I ever have to replace it (it's got a 5 year warranty), I'd either go with the Bertazzoni or Fagor.

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Ha a post calling me out! I've gone too deep!

Anyway regarding the oven... I LOVE IT! It bakes so evenly. I have a gas 36 bert oven in my range which is nice but for baking and easy stuff I use the wall oven. The dual heating elements are great, but you have to keep it pretty clean since it's not self cleaning otherwise you'll have a smoke problem when using the bottom heating unit. The convection is great, and it blows some "warm" air back into the room which makes gives the kitchen a warm feeling, the gas oven does this too. The reason I bought this over a lot of other options was mainly because of the fact that is has knobs instead of a digital display. I haven't used any of the electronic features on it honestly so I can't speak to that. I just set it and watch my food cook. The ONE thing I don't like about it is the display. I have a viking microwave above it which has a really nice blue display, the berts is a bright green which looks kind of like a 90's VCR. But hey I saved about 2500 by not buying the viking so I can live with it.

I kind of went out on a whim by purchasing it. I had never seen one in person or even found any reviews online which is too bad. But I guess I'm the first one to really do a review! It was kind of strange how I ended up with it, my local dealer who I bought everything else from said they wouldn't be making it until next spring. I found it online and ordered it, showed up 4 days later. So I don't know what my local bert dealer was talking about. But I couldn't be happier that I purchased it. For the price there isn't anything close in style and in features. It looks beautiful in my kitchen.

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Fori is not pleased

They have wall ovens now!!????

I remodeled too early! Berta's stuff--I don't know how well it works (they had just started marketing their ranges when I was shopping and reports were spotty)--but it always looks great.

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One thing I forgot to mention... those little gray buttons on it feel cheap. They look good on it but ugh they are some cheap plastic. But since I don't use any of the digital features (some of which are pretty neat) I never touch the buttons anyway. Everything else on the oven is solid as a rock and I really like the way the knobs have some resistance when turning them. I was just playing around with it and go figure nothing is intuitive, I haven't even figured out how to set the timer.

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thanks so much for posting!

@kathe: what a tremendous find! i appreciate all of the info so much. one of the reasons ikea appliances fell off the radar for me was that the induction cooktop doesn't allow ovens to be installed below it. but now i am going to look again if i don't go induction; that 5-year warranty is a real value the way appliances seem to need repairs these days. thanks for sharing about the bertazzoni/ikea connection... great to know.

@jgopp: i really appreciate your feedback and the close-up photos. the photo on the aj madison site has the left knob labeled in celsius, and i was wondering if i'd have to break out the calculator every time i used it! so your pics were very helpful.

interestingly, there isn't any info on the bertazzoni website about the oven, or in their downloadable brochure.

if you can find some time, would you mind measuring the interior of the oven for me? just roughly, is fine so i can get a feel of how much smaller the cavity is from the outside. i can only find the outside and cutout dimensions online. thanks, but if you are too busy, i completely understand!

kinda cool you are the first one on the gw block with one!

@fori: hi! :)

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I'll find a something to measure it with and get back to you. I couldn't find anything on their website either, which is strange because they do make this thing. I kind of figure it's more a specialty item which they sell to select distributors. I bought mine from AJ and my local place said they couldn't get it. I'm not sure what their deal with the distributors is exactly.

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Hi ladies! I'm new here. I've been looking at 24" ovens for a while now, and the Bertazzoni is one of the 3 I've narrowed it down to. The only thing I need now is the interior capacity. I can't get a tiny oven, because it is the only oven in my kitchen. I'm looking for 3 or 3.1 cu foot. Any help would be appreciated!

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@jgopp: I have just had this oven installed today and haven't used it yet. We just turned on the light, and a VERY loud fan also came on. Have you experienced anything like this with your 24" Bertazzoni? Hoping it was just an installation error!


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salymc123, i'm interested in this oven and have a few questions. is your temperature knob in fahrenheit? If so, where did you order it from? All the stock pics I've seen (including AJ Madison's website) seem to show the temperature in celsius. Also, do you still have the problem with the very loud fan? Does it go off when you use the bake mode and not convection? Overall do you like the oven? Thanks!

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FYI, to anyone who's interested, I ordered this model from my local appliance store and the temperature knob is in Fahrenheit.

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salymc123: sorry for the extremely late reply. I don't check this thread hardly ever. I haven't had a problem with the fan, and the oven works just as well as the day it was installed.

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