take and bake question

divamydearNovember 13, 2006

I would love some "take and bake" recipes. I have not tried one of thosse places that you assmble and take home to freze, cook later for your family. I am new to once a month cooking and would love any help!



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I'm pretty new to the forum, also, so not 100% sure what is meant by 'take & bake' unless someone is doing the assembly? Here's what I do. Periodically, I get what I call my Suzy Homemaker Mode, and I fix 3-4 main dishes; then cool & freeze in the portions I want.

For example, I'll fix a roast, pot of beans, meatloaf, BBQ meatballs, grilled chicken on a sm. foreman grill (not every one of these each SH day, but a variety). Whatever sounds right at the time (or I have on hand). I also brown & freeze hamburger and label it with the amount - 1 lb, 1/2 lb, etc & as not-seasoned (gravy, etc) or as cooked with onion, etc.

With an empty nest, one day cooking lasts quite a while. You'll need to adjust if you have growing kids. But I find it really helps me, and in the summer when grands are visiting, it REALLY comes in handy.

Hope this has helped you a little bit.

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In California we have a chain (maybe independently owned I guess) called Dream Dinner's and they post a weekly set of recipes and you make a reservation and come in and they have these stations with the ready made components and you take your dish and follow along adding everything and at the end you take home your many dishes and freeze them. I've never done it but friends have and have liked it. Costs about $100 or so but they get about 6 meals out of it.

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