Freezing Cheesecake?

PatNovember 18, 2001

I have heard that cheesecake can be made ahead and frozen. That would be a great dessert to have on hand for the holidays but I have some questions. Should the sides of the springform pan be removed before freezing? What about the bottom of the springform pan? Should I remove the cake from that as well or keep it to add stability? Any tips for success would be appreciated!


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Hi Pat

I think you will find that this link answers all your questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Freezing cheesecakes

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Thanks, Ann! Yes, that link answered all of my questions and am ready to start bakng.

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I know your questions have been answered, but I also want to add that I have frozen cheesecake bars/squares, and they turned out great!

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Thanks for letting me know that it works! I am looking forward to trying it!!!

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I cut my cheese cakes in serving sized portions and wrap individually and freeze. That way I can thaw what I need at that particular time.....and don't have to eat the leftovers all my self!! ( although I have been known to eat frozen cheese cake!)
Linda C

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