Now that Thanksgiving is past, I think I have enough food for ...

Jane in CTNovember 23, 2001

...a week with out cooking. ;) But I don't think that is what "Once a Week Cooking" was meant to be.

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Oooh, but it can be LOL. Just think. Turkey soup. Freeze some meat for sandwiches and casseroles. Freeze leftover stuffing to crumble onto those casseroles too! If you have any gravy, that tastes good mixed with cooked noodles and defrosted meat, topped with stuffing, and baked until hot. Add a can of cream soup if it needs more liquid. You could also add mixed veggies, or the frozen leftovers from this feast!

Cranberry sauce can be added to quick breads (pour the batter in the pan, then add cranberries and swirl with tip of a knife, or mix right in for "pink" batter), used to fill pie crust strips or phyllo dough (I would add chopped apples) and baked then frozen. Or even added to pancake mix, the leftovers would make a tasty breakfast later on. Just wrap and freeze. Or make muffin batter, fill cups part way, add a dollop of cranberry sauce, fill the rest of the way. Cranberry surprise muffins, and they freeze like a dream. Wrap individually and add to lunches, or heat for a few seconds in the microwave for a quick snack.

Or send them over to me LOL!

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