How to make birch flush door match 60's mahogany luan flush door

mjseeFebruary 3, 2009

Ok--I'll confess...this is a cross post from the paint forum. But after I posted there I realized a 1960's house constituted an "old" house these days. mea culpa...

Help! The bathroom door was delaminating and couldn't be saved. And my duct tape "fix" is MOST unattractive. I just put heart and soul into repainting this room...(all the walls AND the ceiling were painted in bright salmon high-gloss oil enamel) so I want to get rid of the duct taped door. House was built in 1966...all the doors are original. They have a great mid-century feel...and are in wonderful shape.

Original pink room:

From fall photos and pink bathroom

Redone room:

From fall photos and pink bathroom

The ONLY thing changed in that room is the paint color and the shower curtain. Yes, really.

Looked into getting a mahogany flush slab door...but they are difficult to find, and when found, expensive. (As in 5-6 times more.) So I think I'll have to make the birch one work. Any suggestions? I bought a can of Cabots Amberwood stain...and some satin finish poly (both oil) and a piece of birch ply to practice on...any other suggestions? At least I found a handyman who is willing to take a slab door and put the old hardware/knob on.

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Experiment with Cabot Interior Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner.

Here is a link that might be useful: conditioner

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luan slab doors are really cheap, like $ 40. maybe someone quoted you real mahogony by mistake. you can special order them from HD or even online. make sure you get stain grade, not paint grade. also when i ordered some for my 50's house, i did not realize the door knob opening was larger on a modern door than my old door hardware, so i recommend you check measurements.

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Door update...

The local full service lumberyard is taking an old door I found in the attic, cutting it down, re-gluing the stile, and it will be ready by tomorrow afternoon.

So it will all match!


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