Keeping hamburger patties separated

yellowhairNovember 17, 2003

How do you do this? I made up some today (didn't cook) and just put saran wrap in between them, then put them in a freezer bag.

Also wanted to say that I did some meatballs, yum yum. I baked them on a rack in the oven. I then flash-froze them individually, then put in a freezer bag. Very very easy!

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do your patties the same way.freeze them on a cookie shee or platter and then use saran after they are frozen.sometimes they will stick together but seperate easily with a knife of something.

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thanks---I'll try this next time.

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Big Mama -- do you have problems with freezer burn when you freeze them on the cookie sheet? I seem to have a lot of problem with that when I freeze meat or chicken, no matter how carefully I wrap them.

With hamburger it's not so much of a problem, but I hate freezer burn on chicken.

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Put two sheets of wax paper between each patty, rather than saran wrap (which molds itself into all the nooks and crannies).


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I've tried different ways and have come up with this method... I buy sandwich zip bags on sale or at the "dollar store" and put each patty in a bag. Seal it and put several baggies in a quart size freezer bag. When I have filled two quart size freezer bags, I put them in a gallon size freezer bag and into freezer. Works well for me! ~abreeze

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I just leave mine in the freezer just long enough for them to freeze so there is no burn.....also you can buy boxes of small sheets of parchment at places like Sams that you can use to keep them from sticking together after they are frozen even a little bit.......You perhaps can buy it other places, I just always get mine at sams so haven't looked any where else.

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i second the wax paper well for me every time, i just slide a butter knife in between the two layers of wax paper and pop the patties apart.

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