Meals for mom & dad -to-be

sueOctober 24, 2001

Hi, I'm visiting from the pregnancy forum. I'm 3.5 weeks away from my due date and my last day of work is Friday. Seeing as I'm a first time mom-to-be, I was wondering if anyone can recommend meals that I can premake and freeze -- other than lasagna and tuna casserole.



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How about chicken breast with stuffing and gravy,
Beef Stew
Pot Pie (using premade crusts) or the noodle kind.
Chicken Corn Noodle Soup
Shepards Pie
Use your crockpot, then no worries til time to eat.
PRemake pizzas and freeze.
Cook off or roast a whole chicken- freeze the meat in small packs for later use.

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Cabbage rolls or cabbage roll casserole
chicken stew or soup with dumplings
Pea soup
Maccaroni & cheese
spaghetti sauce
meatballs for spaghetti or sandwiches
pepper steak and just cook the rice the day you eat
scalloped potatoes
corn pudding with ham
bisquick impossible pies

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Having had a newborn recently, here's a tip: When people call to say they want to come over to see the baby, they normally ask what does the baby need? I tell them not to bring anything for baby, but bring a meal that can be frozen. I had several friends and brothers/sisters and parents drop off helped alot!

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All of the above are good suggestions. I would add that if possible, buy a few premade frozen meals that can be microwaved. I know it seems really simple, but when I was a brand new mom, how many times I just didnt defrost something or time just got away from me,having those emergency type meals was wonderful.It may not be the most economical, but in the long run it is worth it.

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