Patty pan squash lasagne - how to freeze?

jennhollyOctober 2, 2009

I want to make a simple lasagne using patty pan squash instead of noodles. I would like to freeze it.

However, I can't find instructions for freezing it. Should I cook it first? Should I leave it uncooked? Should I leave it uncooked, but cook the squash first?

This is the recipe that I was going to use:

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I freeze regular lasagna all the time and there's never any problem with it.

I read you recipe and see no reason why you couldn't freeze it. I've never frozen squash but I freeze grated zucchini to bake with all the time.

I would cook it just as though you are going to have it for supper, but take it out before it is completely cooked, then cool and freeze.

I didn't look at the cooking time, but with regular lasagna I take it out 15 minutes early. That way it doesn't get over cooked when you reheat it. When I bring it up I let it thaw and put in the oven just until it's hot right through--usually about half an hour. If it starts to brown too much I cover it with tin foil

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Thanks - I'll probably try it tomorrow.

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I was wondering the same thing .
How did yours turn out?
Did you cook it first then freeze?

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Yes, cook it first. It will freeze much better having softened the ingredients first. Cooking time is one hour so take it out around 40-45 min. Don't hesitate to add other veggies you have on hand. Zucchini sliced lengthwise as your 'noodles' (mentioned). chopped spinach,
swiss chard, fresh tomato slices under your final cheese topping, basil. I like a bottom first layer of thin slices of sweet potato.

Here is a link that might be useful: patty-pan lasagne

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Grrr. I posted this and then got an error so I have to start from scratch. I freeze spaghetti squash (cooked and shredded) all the time, but I've always frozen it separate from the sauce in individual servings so I could use another topping if I wanted to. I'll have to try this lasagna recipe! You should have no problem at all freezing it. The spaghetti squash has excess moisture when it defrosts, but it does not loose texture, so I just pour the extra moisture off if I don't need it. You shouldn't have that problem with the patty pan (I think). Defrosting it in the fridge should help if that happens OR cook it from frozen and don't cover it the whole time. Hope this helps.

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