Dazey lil cook. What is this and where do I get instructions

dawlindearOctober 10, 2010

Hello everyone, I have the Dazey lil cook, model #2160. It's got a removable, thick plastic lid and power cord. The cooker dial is numbered 1 thru 10 then fry. I'm not sure if its a mini multi-cooker, deep fryer, steamer or pressure cooker. It belonged to my dad and I'm finally emotionally ready to use it. I'm very intrigued and very excited to try it.

Thank you.

Can anyone please tell me where I might find an owners manual and possibly a cookbook for it?

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dawlindear, if you scroll down on this Once-a-week-Cooking forum you will find your answer. Quite a few people here have the same cooker and a lady named Rosalie 2008 has offered to send copies of her manual. Just look for a post that says "crock pot, is that what this is?"
Hope that helps.

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