Three meals from one roast

dances_in_gardenOctober 22, 2001

I did this with a pork roast, but beef would work well. I guess even chicken or turkey might as well.

First night, pork roast. Take leftovers and remove all fat. Divide in half.

Simmer one half with taco seasonings, diced green chilis, a diced fresh jalapeno if you like the heat, and a little chicken or veggie stock until you can shred it with a fork. Great as a taco/burrito filling, in mexican casseroles, enchiladas etc.

Simmer the other half with ketchup, brown sugar, a little vinegar, and spices (or some bottled barbque sauce of your choice) until you can shred it with a fork. This can be piled on buns for bbq pork sandwiches.

Both of these freeze well to use later, great for "quick" lunches.

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Great ideas! I do a similar thing but more for the tastes of my family. For a pork roast, day two would be shredded pork baked with sauerkraut. For a beef roast, day two would be beef and noodles (shredded beef, can of beef broth or the roast drippings plus water, and a bag of egg noodles). Mmmmm!

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another recipe would be to cut the roast into pieces and mix cream of mushroom soup togetherwith sour cream put over the meat and add mushrooms and heat through this is a very easy beef stroganoff and very good i dont have the measurements because we do this in a restaurant and do large quanities so just do it to your own taste

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My roast recipes are the first day it's a pot roast with potatoes, carrots and onions. The second it's hot roast beef or pork open faced sandwiches with mashed potatoes. The third it's great chopped or diced with chopped onions and potatoes to make a hash.

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