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BugsOctober 22, 2001

I need ideas for meals that can be frozen and the cooked or heated on a 2 burner hotplate without too much work. Something other than soup or chili. DH is working out of town, the guys stay at a motel all week and can cook on a burner. They just got a small fridge that will keep the food cold but I want to make them a couple meals that I can freeze and send with him each weekend when he comes home that they can just heat after work.

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Chicken noodle casserole
Freeze cooked cubed chicken on a cookie sheet then pack it into a baggie (so it is loose chunks, easier to use than one lump). Cook noodles until just before done. Drain and freeze. Make a seasoning packet by putting 1 tsp garlic powder, 2 tsp onion powder, salt and pepper, and whatever else you like in a baggie and seal.

Pack frozen chicken, frozen noodles, a can of cream of celery soup, a can of cream of chicken soup, a can of mushrooms, a can of veggies if you like, shredded cheese, the seasoning packet and a colander.

Tell them to run hot water over the noodles until defrosted. Heat soup(do not add water), seasoning packet, drained veggies, drained mushrooms, and chicken in a pot on burner until hot and bubbly (make sure chicken is heated). Add cooked noodles. Heat until noodles are warm. Stir in cheese, and enjoy.

You can give them frozen garlic bread to "toast" in a pan to eat with it (cut loaf of french breat in 4 inch slices, cut in half. Spread cut sides with margarine mixed with minced garlic and a little italian seasoning. Put margarine sides together, wrap and freeze). To toast, separate halves, toast margarine side down on a flat pan.

Make your favorite meat sauce recipe and freeze in a baggie. Cook spaghetti noodles until just before done. Drain and freeze.

Place frozen sauce in a large pot (remove baggie or container). Stir often. It will melt into sauce, believe me LOL. Run hot water over the noodles until defrosted. Add to melted sauce. Heat until sauce is hot and noodles are heated through. Can also serve with garlic bread from above.

Stir fry and Rice
Make a batch of cooked white or brown rice. Freeze. Make a batch of your favorite stir fry. Make sure the meat is cooked through, but the veggies are still a little underdone and make extra sauce. Freeze.

Melt the stir fry in a pot, then heat till hot. Place the rice in a pot, add a little water (about a 1/4 cup) and heat gently until the rice breaks up. Stir often, and heat just until defrosted and heated through. Add to hot stir fry and sauce.

For this, you can pack the cooked frozen meat, fresh veggies, frozen rice, and some pre-made sauce frozen in a baggie. They can stir fry the veggies, add the meat and sauce and cook until heated through. They might want the taste of fresh veggies after so many pre-made meals LOL.

I think anything can be made on the stove top, but you might have to freeze the meat, additions, and sauces separately for the best results. That way nothing is frozen in a lump in a container, where one part burns, one part is hot, another part is cold, and the rest is ice!

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Years ago when my husband worked as a contract engineer. I used to send him off with three or four main meals every week. I often made and froze stuffed bell peppers. I'd precook the peppers in the microwave. I like to slice them in half lengthwise rather than stuff the whole pepper. Then fill the halved with mashed potato, onion, chopped ham and top with cheese. Bake at 350 until the peppers are tender. (about 30 minutes). Cool, wrap in foil, bag and freeze. My husband didn't have an oven either. The peppers would sit in the fridge all day. He just unwrapped them, put a little oil in the bottom of his frying pan and heat them through.

I also sent g. beef patties in gravy. And, roast beef in gravy (all frozen). I'd also thow in a couple of apples, celery with peanut butter, and a couple of oranges or pears. Otherwise he'd go the whole four days without any fresh fruits or veggies. I also sent fried chicken. I didn't freeze it. I just made sure it was under the frozen stuff in his cooler. I'd put a note at the top of his cooler so he'd know what he had.

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My sisters husband is always out of town working. He is a pipefitter/plumber and their motto seems to be "Out of Town or Out of Work". She bought him a small microwave to take with him. It gives him one more cooking option. You might consider this. Ann.

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