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jamie_mtOctober 29, 2001

Well, this month I finally did it. Started cooking yesterday morning around 10am, and finished around 2pm with 27 meals in the freezer for next month.

In the freezer:

Tomato stroganoff (3 meals)

Homemade chicken noodle/veggie soup (4 meals)

Homemade Tomato basil soup (2 meals)

Reg. chili (3 meals)

Chicken Chili (3 meals)

Orange Chicken (4 meals)

Ham Cassarole (4 meals)

BBQ Chicken over noodles (3 meals)

Tropical Ham w/mandarin orange sauce over noodles (1 meal)

With Thanksgiving at my parent's house (which will undoubtedly yield leftovers), and 2 birthday dinners for relatives I'll be attending this month, I don't need to cook at all until December (breakfast is muffins or a breakfast shake, lunch is fruit and cottage cheese, oatmeal or sandwiches). Wow - amazing how good that feels! :-)

What's in your freezer this week? :-)

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Wow, I'm really impressed. I don't do OAMC cooking as such. I do prepare meals ahead for when I'm not in the mood to cook and meals ahead for unexpected company. Right now that's spaghetti sauce, two pizza crusts bagged with fixings, 4 cartons shredded pork for barbeque sandwhiches, a huge bag of pancakes, 12 beef and bean burros two meals worth of perogi, and bean soup. There's a lot of quick ingredients I use to help get meals out fast like: rice, mashed potatoes, chopped onion, bell pepper, celery, chicken and beef stock, longhorn cheese in 1/3 lb chunks, ready to fry burgers, gravy bases, bread crumbs, chopped cooked bacon, chopped cooked ham, meatballs for sweet and sour meatballs and stews. I also have 2 quarts of prickly pear cactus juice that will turn into punch and jelly over the holidays. Also cooked shredded beef bagged with corn tortillias for making red enchiladas. I also have ice cubes from milk, coffee, lime juice, pineapple juice that wind up in shakes, smoothies and frozen drinks. I also store flour, cornmeal,nuts, raisins, chocolate chips, coconut in the freezer. My sons are adults now but they'll still get into my baking goodies if I leave them in the cupboard.
I've got 6 pounds of ground beef in the refridgerator that I bought yesterday. I came here today to find a post about freezing meatloaf. I usually cook mine, but someone here partially cooks them and I want to try that.
The rest of my freezer is the usual meat and veggies waiting to be thawed and cooked.

I do a lot of doubling up recipies so we might have the same dinner main course on a Monday night and then again on Wednesday. Now that you've got me thinking about this I probably average cooking three days out of seven. That works for me. I work at home now and that makes it possible.

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Jamie, I'm impressed. How the heck did you cook all that in 4 hours!?!?

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Don't be too impressed, ladies - I forgot to mention I'm single. But it really wasn't that difficult...if there were two of us, I still wouldn't need to cook for 2 weeks. A couple more hours (6 - with a couple meatloaves and some spaghetti, or easy cassaroles), and I would have had enough to feed a *family* of four for a month. :-)

1. I made a menu/cooking plan *before* starting.
2. All of those meals are very simple preparation - I started with a large pot of chili on the stove, and two pans of chicken in the oven. The Chili simmered for about 1 1/2 hrs and the chicken baked for two hours, so I boiled two big pots of noodles and portioned them out into individual dishes, and a large baking pan for the ham cassarole. I then mixed all the ingredients for the cassarole, and stuck it in the oven w/the chicken. Then I made all my sauces, and put them aside. By then the chili was done, so I took that out, portioned it into individual serving containers, and put it in the freezer. I used the same pot to start the base for my chicken chili, and by then, the chicken was done. Pulled that out of the oven, and used the broth from one pan to start my tomato-basil soup, and the broth from the other pan to start chicken noodle soup. While the bases were simmering, I cut up all the chicken, and portioned it out into soup, chili, and the individual dishes with noodles already there. Then I added the sauces to the individual dishes while the soups and chili simmered, portioned them out and stuck them in the freezer. Then the ham cassarole was done, so I took it out, portioned it into individual servings and froze them too. The last dish was that tropical ham dish - I had leftover ham, so I made a quick sauce and mixed it up with the ham and noodles and froze it.
3. Updated the list on the freezer with my new list of food! :-)

Easy - as long as you have a *plan*. :-) And well worth the time spent.

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I'm want to OAMC. I can't beleave I'd never heard of it until last week. I have a few questions. Can you freeze anything? I never knew you could freeze pasta. Do you cook it first? My mom has a great reciepe with rice, chicken and mayonase- can you freeze that? I'm sure I'll have tons more questions soon. Thanks for your help!

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I have done dishes with mayo etc in them and as long as you cook them first then freeze you should be OK. Good Luck!!

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thanks Bonnie!!

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Well, you can't freeze *anything*, but you can freeze a lot. LOL Pasta freezes well as long as you don't cook it all the way. I just cook it until it's still a little bit firm, then freeze it. That way it doesn't get soggy when re-heating. :-)

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Most anything can be frozen....but.....somethings are better frozen than others.....You will learn as you go along so just don't make big batches of anything until you decide what you like....

Jaime...the next time you do roast chicken try chicken and dumplins.......I saw on a cooking show the other day where chicken and dumplings are ever so much better made with baked or roasted chicken than boiled chicken....I just know that it is too..I can't wait to try it......the dumplings you can make at the last minute or use bisquit (canned of course)...

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I'll do that Ruth - I have an excellent dumpling recipe that's very simple, takes about 5 seconds to mix and drop in (none of that processed stuff for me, thanks very much!). LOL That will taste super good while it's so cold out...

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