Freezing bread dough?

dances_in_gardenOctober 23, 2001

We have a breadmaker. I use it often, but I mostly mix the dough in it then shape my own loaves (if I use it to "bake" the bread the crust comes out too hard for sandwiches, even on the lightest setting. Fine for spaghetti night or whatever, just not sandwiches).

Has anyone tried to freeze their own unbaked bread dough? I buy a lot of sub buns and kaisers in a week but it is hard to keep them fresh. I was thinking if I made bread dough then froze it as "buns" I could bake as many as I need to the night before so they are always fresh in DH's lunch.

When do you freeze it (at what stage), how do you defrost it, and what about rising?

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I have frozen dough on occasion. I just followed the hints in my breadmachine book and it worked out great. I would post them but I havn't been able to find that darn book - hmm.. time to head to the organizing forum. Good Luck!

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I was wondering that too, so I looked it up the Internet and found this simple information:

Yeast Breads:

Dough may be made, shaped, placed in pans and frozen; or baked before freezing.

Cover uncooked bread tightly and freeze BEFORE product has raised. For baked bread, cool, then cover pan tightly or place product in foil.

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I have not frozen unbaked bread but I make Italian bread two or three times a week and it freezes wonderfully after it is baked. When the bread is cold, I wrap it in a couple of layers of papertoweling and then into tight freezer bags. The paper towels work in absorbing any moisture, especially when defrosting, and stops the bread from becoming soggy. Just like fresh.

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