Freezing lunchmeat worked well

dances_in_gardenOctober 23, 2001

I buy a sub mix for DH's lunch. He only likes it once a week, but the package has enough for two days and it doesn't keep a whole week!

I decided to freeze half of the package (it has salami, pepperoni, and ham). I wrapped it well in waxed paper then in a baggie. Defrosted overnight in the fridge, and it seems to look and feel exactly like it does fresh from the package when I buy it. I am going to try it again with some smoked turkey. I buy it when it is on sale, but we don't eat it fast enough to "stock up".

Anyone else tried freezing lunchmeat and had good (or bad) experiences?

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I buy double packs of bologna when it goes on sale for my daughter's lunches and toss them in the freezer. It comes out perfectly fine all the time.


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I make lunchmeat & cheese sandwiches and freeze them. They come out perfectly fine.

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I also buy lunchmeat in the bulk pack at Sam's. I keep one pack in the fridge and everything else goes in the freezer. SLICED cheese (processed, not block) freezes well, too. Again, I buy the large pack at Sam's. I break it down into packs about the size of a regular pack of cheese and freeze the rest.

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I buy corned beef, roast beef, salami and ham often and freeze it in plastic bags, thaw in fridge. Perfect always. I also have a deli slicer so I can buy black forest hams and slice them thin to freeze. Had bad luck freezing gouda cheese slices though, too mushy when thawed.

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Block cheeses do not slice well after they have been frozen. However, they shred very well.

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I'm not much for packaged lunch meat but my husband loves the stuff. I've frozen bologna, salami, boiled ham, turkey roll, olive loaf etc. I also freeze home baked meatloaf sliced thin. I lay the meatloaf slices out on a tray and pack them two to a baggie then bread bag the whole thing.

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Are you only freezing the pre-packaged stuff, or are you freezing the fresh-sliced deli stuff? I prefer the meat from the deli counter (cheaper by the lb/oz and I prefer the taste) but I hate that it goes bad sometimes before I've used it up.

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I have frozen fresh and pre-packaged. I usually get fresh too but sometimes buy the big vaccumm packed bags at Costco and they froze really well too.

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