what type of freezing containers?

carolinachickOctober 16, 2001

What do you freeze liquid things in, like chili or stews or soups? I'm getting a Foodsaver, but I know you can't seal the liquid items w/o freezing first. Do you use the Gladware-like things or what?

Thanks in advance! :)


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I use a Seal-A-Meal.

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I just use the Gladware dishes - they're handy and convienent and I don't have to shell out the money for a "sealer". :-)

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I recycle plastic food tubs and milk cartons and then wrap in bread bags. I also have glad ware. I've frozen in loaf pans lined with foil and then transferred the foil wrapped blocks to bread bags.

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I watched the video that came with my Foodsaver and they had a great idea. Freeze whatever in the container it is going to be heated in, like a bowl for chili, etc, or a casserole dish for lasagna, etc. Line the container with plastic wrap, then, after it's frozen, vacuum seal it (w/o the container, obviously :)). Then all you have to do is open the vac bag and heat (or heat in the bag) Pretty cool idea. Haven't tried it yet, but definitely gonna.

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Cheapest containers I've found are deli-type containers that I buy at the local bar/restaurant supply store. They come in 1 cup, pint and quart sizes and the lids fit all. For about $6 I can get 50 containers. They work great in the freezer, go through the dishwasher--yet if something happens to one, I don't worry about throwing it away.

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I've had terrible luck freezing things unless very well wrapped, or in my Foodsaver (which is a godsend!). The cheap containers have always resulted in freezer burn for me...perhaps there is a secret someone is willing to share? But hands down, over all, I would definitely choose my Foodsaver. I don't worry about what the liquids will be cooked in later; remember, whatever you freeze in the bags can be placed directly into boiling water and reheated, or snip off a corner and place in the microwave...now that is convenience food!

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What kind of foodsaver do you have and where can I find one?
I would love to make and seal foods without the freezer burn.What model works the best for you?
Thanks for any help.

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I freeze everything in plastic bags. You can lay them down flat with liquid in them and they freeze flat and are easy to stack and I think take up much less room in the freezer......You can double bag if you are going to keep them for a long time......But I always buy top quality bags and reuse them except when they have contained raw meat.

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Mostly gladware, and ziploc bags. Some containers from the dollar store. Some things I will freeze loose on cookie sheets and bag, or in muffin tins and bag. Always wrap well. And when using containers for liquids, leave at most 1/2 inch headspace for steam. Any more and there is too much air, and voila! Freezerburn.

For "chunky" thinks with no liquid, I prefer bags to containers because I can squeeze the air out. It is the air in the containers that is the problem.

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Dollar General and Wal-mart carry a square freezer container. They are cheapest at DG.
The one cup size were 10 for $1
1 1/2 cup = 8/$1
and the two cup 6/$1

These go into the dishwasher beautifully. You can write on the lid with a permanent marker, and still scrub it off with a bit of baking soda on a sponge (without scratching)

Because of their square size they stack BEAUTIFULLY in the freezer without falling over. They are "milky clear" so you can somewhat see what is in them. (always make sure your food is cool before putting in them, and you will never have food stains)They have a slight taper, so you can pop out the frozen food into a pan or dish for heating.

The 1 1/2 cup size seems to be my favorite. Especially for soups. It holds one generous size bowl. I try to keep a variety of soups made and frozen. Then if I am in a chicken mood, but dh is in a beef mood, we can have our choice, and no leftovers to mess with.

To prevent freezer burn, always make sure that the food is covered with broth or sauce or water. Pat down the chunks below the water line. I have never had a problem.

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Does anyone have or know of a source for plastic (tv dinner) trays? I want to freeze dinners that I can just pull out of the freezer and microwave. It's the easiest way I know of to stay on a diet (oh, curse that word).

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Either Gladware or Ziplock has tv dinner trays. They have 3 compartments in them, I saw them at Wallmart in CDA. I always use Glad, Ziplock, freezer bags, margarine containers, ice cream containers and cheap dollar store plastic ware. They all work well for me.

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I use mason jars and pyrex-type heat resistant glass storage containers. I like the fact that they are heat resistant and that the food won't etch the glass.

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I love the Tupperware Rock and Serve containers. They are pricey, but are on sale often. You can freeze your food in them and put it directly in the microwave to heat. I think they are worth the money.

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