Dances, How did your

SnowflakySeptember 8, 2001

cooking ahead for your own breakfasts and lunches go? I thought you had some great ideas going and wondered about the results. Are you going to be doing it again?

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Not bad. I didn't freeze any sandwiches (I am still afraid LOL) but I did make the soups and the breakfasts. I need a better recipe for breakfast casserole, mine called for a layer of hash brown patties on the bottom. Good when first made, but dry and spongy after being frozen and reheated.

The soups turned out great! I ended up making beef barley, vegetable, chicken rice, and spaghetti soup. Spaghetti soup is really good, take leftover noodles and meat sauce, add water and tomato juice and a little stock, some veggies, and it is kind of like quick minestrone that uses leftovers! I had some borcht already packaged so that made 5 kinds of soup. I still have like three weeks worth of soup! It is nice to have the variety so I don't feel like I am eating the same lunch every day. The only problem is that it takes a lot of containers. So I froze it in baggies, and I have a bowl at work to use.

The salads worked out as well, and I am continuing that. The gladware is working the best at keeping the greens nice all week. Tupperware, rubbermaid, and "sucker ware" (you know, margarine tubs, no-name containers, etc.) failed miserably. Funny eh? The cut up veggies need work too, the quality after a couple of days was less than great. Some things dry out (carrots, celery) and other things get slimy (cucumber, green peppers). I'll figure it out eventually!

So, any great frozen or make ahead breakfast ideas LOL?

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I forgot to mention that it is a good idea to store the muffins in a container marked "Stewed Zucchini" because DH not only likes them but has eaten almost all of them! If I want to keep any for myself I am going to have to hide them.

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Is this the same DH that called all OAMC "leftovers" and didn't want to eat it? I remembered your earlier post about that - and all the suggestions you received on how to "convert" him from his mother's "freezer-itis." How did you get him to warm up to the idea??

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I have a tiny freezer but I usually cook ahead on Sunday afternoons for most of the following week. For breakfast, I will scramble up eggs and put them in a plastic container. They will keep fine for 3 or 4 days in the refrigerator. I also cook and then crumble fresh sausage with the casings removed. And I'll cook bacon and crumble into homemade bacon bits. In the mornings, I'll just throw some scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage on a flour tortilla, sprinkle with grated cheese, roll up and pop in the microwave for about a minute for breakfast burritos, which are often eaten on the way to the school bus. Or I'll put them in half a pita bread and do the same thing.

I also cut up vegetables for stir fries and salads and find that a damp paper towel placed in the plastic container helps to keep carrots and celery from drying out and I use a dry one for green and red peppers and lettuce so they don't get slimy.

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Oooh, never thought about the paper towel.

Just went on another soup making binge, my father pilfered some of the frozen stuff so I was running low LOL. I made turkey soup (Canadian thanksgiving) and bean soup with a smoked turkey leg. Needs more veggies though. I'm going to make onion soup next (bring it to work with a baggie of shredded cheese and a slice of rye bread. Crumble bread into bowl, cover with cheese, heat soup and pour over. Tastes too good to be a brown bag lunch!).

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