I need School Lunch Ideas

LeanneGSeptember 7, 2001


I have four children ages 8, 10, 12 & 14. They stay at school for lunch and I am in search of fresh ideas of what to pack and also ways of str-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the dollar! Thanks in advance! :)

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Hi, Leanne. My dd is in first grade now, so I have been on the lookout for new lunchbox ideas too. I've made corndog muffins, they are yummy and very portable. Let me know if this interest you. (These taste much better than they sound, just like a fresh corndog!)


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I make 30 or more meals ahead and freeze for my sons lunch--he has a microwave to use--I freeze-chili, stew, fried chicken, ricehotdish, corndogs, cowboy beans and hotdogs, pizza, any leftovers, bean soup--when I pack his lunch I add chips, fruit, applesauce(home canned),and cookies, muffins or other treat--I home bake everything--it cost less--I also do nut and dried fruit mixtures

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OK, I'll bite. I would love to see the corndog muffin recipe. You have my attention :-).

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I would also love to get the corndog muffin recipe. My kids love corndogs. Thanks!!!

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Lennie, could I please have your corn dog muffin recipe, too. Thanks!!!! Brenda

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My daughter LOVES ramen noodles. So I cook them up and put them in a wide mouth thermos. Add some fruit and milk, and she is happy. (Even a slice of cheese, or string cheese).

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This is from our local paper:

When breakfast is your child's favorite meal, why not pack if for lunch. Send along some Fruity Pebbles in a bowl (just add milk when ready) and pack a bagel with favorite toppings.

For kids who like little bites, the only sandwiches needed are Mini Oreos, Ritz Bits Cookies, tiny kabobs, thread cheese cubs and fruit onto straws.

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I know this is much later than everyone else - but I LOVE corndogs. can I have your recepie too?

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Could I have the recipe also? Corndog muffins - sounds great!


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This is my first time on this site, but I'll check back often! I'm way ahead of myself, but cooking is NOT my thing, so I might as well get prepared. My DD is in the preschool portion of a school that goes up to 8th grade. She gets lunch now, so I thought she would later, but they don't feed the kids when kindergarten starts - we can't even offer to pay. Packing lunch every day wasn't what I had planned, so I'm trying to get a list going of lunches I give her. She does eat everything (sushi, shrimp, chicken, noodle, etc.), but I want it easy to prepare and for her to eat. She won't have access to a microwave.

What are some hot lunch ideas? For cold lunch, I can always do PBJ or other sandwiches, but because she is willing to eat everything, I want to give her variety. Are there containers that will keep food warmer than others? If so, maybe I can make macaroni and cheese or chicken noodle soup? Or is it just easier to make a sandwich?

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Grannies need school lunch ideas also, and am interested in the corndog muffin recipe. Couldn't send an e-mail to this gal for info, but it would be appreciated if someone who had contact with her, or is she herself would post this most requested recipe. Sounds good for myself even!!!

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I read of this idea awhile ago and it sounded so good and easy!

Pour hot soup into a thermos. Add a warmed (in microwave) hot dog into the soup in thermos. Pop a hot dog roll in a baggie, and viola! Instant lunch. :)

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Hello everyone! I am a new member. I would also like to have the corndog muffin recipe! Thanks!

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I'm mother of four and rack the old brain everyday for new ideas. Here is a sample of some things I've tied that they enjoyed.
Big chewy soft pretzel w/ Chocolate or Cheese dips
Salami rolled w/ cream cheese
Fruit kabobs
cheese & hotdogs in cresents
Cold tortilla wraps(fav's) Chicken,cheese,and sour cream,Turkey &Cheese ,Roast beef & cream cheese
You can always have a dressing on side to dip the wrap(ranch)
Nachoes & salsa
Older kids liked hot items in thermos.
And a little love note, sometimes.
I'm also curious about corndog muffin. I'm thinking chop a hotdog and mix into batter and bake. Would like recipe or more ideas of what you send in your childs lunch.TIA


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Here's a link,a url, and a quick recipe for corn dog muffins:


Corn Dog Muffins
One box of Jiffy cornbread, prepared as directed
1 package of hot dogs, sliced in quarters

Fill tins of a muffin pan 1/2 way with cornbread mixture. Put one piece of hot dog per muffin. Top with more corn bread batter. Bake for 10 min. at 350 degrees.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corn Dog muffins

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My mother was a master of the school lunch. I'll see if I can remember some of her lunches she packed me. A slice of garlic bread or a piece of good bread with butter and a container of cold spaghetti (or hot in a wide mouth thermos if I wanted it hot). Hot water in a thermos with instant hot chocolate mix and a few marshmallows. My favorite home made soup. Beef stew with biscuits. A chicken leg or thigh with coleslaw, a biscuit and honey. Hot sloppy joe mix in wide mouth thermos with a hamburger bun. Meatloaf, roast beef, sliced chicken or turkey sandwiches. Lettuce and tomato in a wide mouth thermos with ham, cheese and dressing to be added. Chili and a hot dog in a thermos with a hot dog bun and cheese packed for a chili dog. Carrot, celery, radishes, jicama, and peanut butter or salad dressing for dipping. Sliced chicken, turkey, roast beef, 2 slices of bread and a thermos of gravy for a hot sandwich. Hot velveeta cheese dip in a wide mouth thermos with tortilla chips and separate toppings to assemble nachos. A flour tortilla and fajita meat filling packed separately with some salsa and chips (long before she ever knew fajitas existed). Cooked plain spaghetti mixed with no bean chili in a wide mouth thermos with a buttered toasted hamburger bun. A knockwurst in a thermos of hot water and a french roll spread with good mustard and a side of her sweet and sauerkraut salad to go on the roll. Tuna or ham salad mix with crackers instead of as a soggy sandwich. Sliced varieties of cheese with various types of crackers. Banana nut bread (or any fruit and nut bread) spread with cream cheese. Hope this gives you some ideas.

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Well I don't agree with alot of the junkfood that is sold as "lunch options". When my child needs a lunch for something or we are travelling, I pack all kinds of goodies. I have a dehydrator,and we take along a selection of dried apple "chips", homemade fruit rollups, yogurt drops, fresh fruit,fresh yogurt, veggies and dip, beef jerky, pemmican, crackers, cheese, and good quality lunch meat. For a treat there is cheezies, chips, or pretzels, and pudding.
There is always a variety and nothing has colouring or additives. (aside from a little in the lunch meat and chips).
Hope that gave you some ideas.

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