Bacon and Eggs

JaneSeptember 3, 2001

I eat bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast every day and I was thinking about making a big batch of each on the weekend and storing in individual containers in the freezer. I would then reheat in the microwave in the morning. I'm sure it can be done, but I guess I'm just wondering if any of you have done this and how the texture of the eggs was after thawing? It would be nice to deal with the cooking and clean-up just once a week instead of every day. Thanks for any suggestions!

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I have never done it but I am sure if you undercook the eggs and bacon a bit before freezing they would be great heated up.

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You can microwave a raw egg in minutes and turn it into a fully cooked egg. Crack it in a bowl with a splash of milk and put it in the microwave for a minute or so (I haven't done this in years so I don't remember how long) and it will cook. (It's fun to watch too because the center will bubble up in the process.) After it is done it will be somewhat solid (think egg McMuffin solid) so you'll have to cut it up. My father used to do this and put cheese over the raw egg before putting it in the microwave. I suppose you could put all kinds of goodies on it (ham, onion, etc.) before cooking and make somewhat of an omelet. Good luck if you decide to try this method! It's very fast and easy!

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Well, I tried the cook and freeze thing. All I can say is "never again". The eggs were soooo rubbery and tasteless! I think I'll just cook up a double or triple batch every couple days and just store in the fridge! It'll still save time and hassle but I'll end up with an edible breakfast! Maybe I should concentrate on cooking and freezing lunches instead.

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I find that scrambled eggs reheat much better with the addition of cheese, but it still gets sort of "weepy". As DH says, he doesn't like the "egg water or cheese pee" that comes out (wouldn't you like to eat at my house ROFL?).

If you put that on a toasted bread product, you don't notice the weepiness (and it doesn't get all soggy either). I have found egg casseroles with cheese etc. reheat well (reheat in micro SLOWLY, too fast at too high and you have a rubber cube). And be careful if it asks for hash brown patties, I recently found out they taste like brillo pads after being frozen and reheated in the micro. Heating in the oven might have been fine.

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Go ahead and cook your bacon up ahead and make your egg fresh. It still saves time and clean up, but tastes good too,

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I always cook up 2-3 pounds of bacon at a time and freeze in 1 pint zip-type bags. I don' like to clean up the bacon mess. I tried baking it but found that frying workd better for me. I don't even drain the grease between batches. One pan to clean and one mess to clean. I also have cook my eggs in a cheapy sandwich bag (the fold over type) in the microwave, just toss the bag, no clean up. The length of time depends on your oven, cook on about 75 percent power. It might take a couple of eggs to figure our what works best. Re-Heat the bacon in the micro wave, and you have breakfast.

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I fry several pkgs. of bacon, one pan full after the other. The more grease in skillet the better bacon fries. Drain on paper towels in layers.

To store place two layers plastic wrap in bottom of rectangle RubberMaid plastic container. Do single layers of bacon, double layer plastic wrap, repeat. This way you can remove amount needed without thawing too much. Heat in microwave on paper towel.

I prefer fresh cooked eggs except for boiled eggs. Boiling a dozen eggs at a time saves lots of time. Be sure and put salt in water, makes peeling shell off easier.


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