freezing baked potatoes?

kitchenladySeptember 29, 2001

Any ideas on what results I'd get freezing baked potatoes? I know I'll only like them if there's some way of recrisping the skins. Otherwise, I guess it's time for baked potato soup!


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Reheat in oven without cover. This should crisp the skins while warming.

My experience has been a "mealy mushy" inside of potatoes frozen. Guess I am just a fresh baked potato person.

They will make great potato soup.


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My experience here has been the same as Marie's. You can freeze twice baked potato with good results. That's where you cut the potato in half, scoop out the filling, add stuff like onion, cheese, a little milk, ham bits (whatever you want) and put it back in the skin. Wrap in foil, freeze on a tray and then bag them. I've done this once. I thought it was a lot of work for baked potato, since if I'm really in a hurry there's the microwave.

I've had success freezing mashed potatoes and do this all the time. I also freeze a gravy base (not pre-made gravy)that's meat juices seasoned and water added to it. I also make stuffed bell peppers with mashed potato, onion and cheese. These freeze well and are a favorite. These can be reheated in the microwave or the oven.

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You probably don't know it but the baked potato you get at a lot of restaurants are purchased frozen. They come from the supplier prebaked and frozen, about a dozen to a plastic bag depending on the size. They are heated in a microwave and then wrapped in foil to hold the heat until your dinner is served. Most people can't even tell the difference.


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If they dont turn out good I think they would still be great for baked potato soup.

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