freezer 'safety'

kathy_September 2, 2002

My freezer has a magnetic door and no latch. I've had my freezer door left open accidentally 3 times (in 18 years). So much for stocking up on food. Well this last time (3 weeks ago) I decided to velcro the door shut. I took 2 pieces of self stick velcro (the loops) and put one on the top metal edge of my freezer and one on the top of the door. Then I took a length of the hook section and pulled it over the top of the door. Instant lock! When I open the freezer I take off the piece from the bottom and the "tape" hangs into the freezer so "no one" will forget to lock it again (I hope). Cooked chili and veggie soup this weekend - cooler weather's coming. Kathy_PA

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I use duct tape, but it serves the same purpose.
Linda C

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