Help! OAWC wannabe!

Laura_ALSeptember 2, 2001

I've been perusing this forum with a great deal of interest. I am a SAH Mom, so, having the time to cook isn't a problem. I even have my extended family over for dinner once a week. I do enjoy cooking, sometimes, but I find cooking EVERY DAY to be drudgery! I think that OAWC and maybe eventually OAMC would be perfect for me. Here are my questions for all you experts:

When batch cooking for freezing, how do you decide to cook the dish first or to just prepare the dish to be cooked later? Are there specific characteristics of the recipes that influence your decision?

A labelling question: What's your method? Printed labels? Freezer markers? I know if my dishes aren't clearly labelled it would be a disaster for me!

Thanks in advance for any help! I'm sure I'll have tons more questions!


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Hi and welcome! I batch cook (generally OAWC over 2 days), and love just having to heat up dinner after work rather than prepare the whole thing from scratch.

For your first question, it pretty much all depends on what I'm cooking. Meatloaf doesn't take that long to cook, so I generally just mix those up and freeze them uncooked. But for the most part, I cook pretty much everything before I freeze it. Pasta especially, because I really don't like it in cassaroles or whatever unless it's been boiled and drained first (mine always gets kinda "starchy" or "mushy" when I bake it without boiling it first). I occasionally marinate and freeze raw chicken to add to dishes later too.

As for labeling, I go for cheap. Masking/freezer tape and a sharpi marker work just fine for me. LOL

Good luck! :-)

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