Do as i say do....not as I do..

ruthieg_txSeptember 21, 2001

very meaningful motto don't you think? I broke one of the OAMC Golden rules....clean as you go...HaHa.couldn't resist showing you what a mess I had..

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LOL - I think I have you beat in the "mess" department (but I'm not posting pictures!!). :-)

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Well Jamie....this was by far not the whole mess and I have to admit that I wasn't in a cleaning mood but I have some nice packages in the freezer.

p.s. that's the last of the stew meat browning on the range...can't wait to get into that....left enough out for today.

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LOL! That looks about normal for me. Heck, I can do that much making a sandwich, some days. The other day I had a craving for liverworst and that meant dragging out the food processor and whipping it to a nice smooth spread and all....then I was too tired to want to clean it all up. I mean, all I wanted was a sandwich! After the afterglow of feeding my craving was gone, I did go back and clean up though--knife to open package, food processor, spoon to get the bottom of the mayo and to scoop it all into a storage bowl, the wrong size storage bowl that I thought it would fit in, knife to spread the sandwich (forgot about the one I already used),etc, etc... LOL! Well, I am sure that you have it all back in tiptop shape now. And at least you have a full freezer to show for it.

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LOL You mean that's not what a kitchen is supposed to look like every day??

Very nice kitchen by the way. . . I'm hoping to re-model my kitchen in the not-tooooo-distant future. I'd kill for the extra counter and cabinet space in that island of yours!

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