storing leftovers ?

KayKay3kids4meSeptember 3, 2001

Anyone have the chart about how long you can store in the refrigerator, then in the freezer? And how long you can leave them in the freezer. I know this differs on certain kinds of meats, but I lost the link. Anyone have it? Thanks.

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I haven't figured out how to do links, but try doing a Google search for 'food storage times' as I did and there are many different sites. Two are below:


My own personal rules are: 'when in doubt, throw it out'; food in fridge, no longer than 3 days once opened, except for home-laid eggs (2 weeks max); follow Use By dates to the letter; frozen foods tossed out after 6 months unless dated otherwise. I don't waste foods, because I compost them, and I cook just what I need for one meal unless I intend to freeze leftovers;freeze only foods which are very fresh, or just cooked and cooled until it no longer steams when stirred. Never thaw, then refreeze. Items with lots of sugar or vinegar will keep for a long time, even once opened, but I always toss them after about a month, regardless. I've had food poisoning once, many years ago, an experience never to be forgotten or repeated, so I take no chances! Annette

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