Freezing Snack Cakes? Junk Food

kellySeptember 21, 2001

Hi there,

Well, we've been buying our expensive whole wheat bread at the local Hostess outlet - and racking up $ on our punch card. We're almost to the point where we've got a coupon for $5 off.

I'm kicking around the idea of splurging on the junk food - like Twinkies and Ho-ho's - because we never buy that stuff in everyday life.

So, has anyone ever tried freezing these things? I guess I'd stick them inside freezer bags or rubbermaid before freezing.

Think it would work? Will junk food act like regular bread in the freezer?

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You can just toss them in the freezer in their packages--works fine. And they're delicious frozen, btw.

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My dad used to buy them from the bread thrift store and toss them in the freezer. They tasted just like normal.

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They do freeze well but I do throw them into a plastic bag for keeping purposes. They actually go pretty fast but never hurts to double wrap...

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I talked to the cashier at the Tastykake Outlet, he said everything can be frozen except powdered donuts.

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