proper freezer temperature

marie827September 16, 2002

we just received a hand-me-down chest freezer. we hooked it up this weekend but are not sure what the proper temp should be? we have a thermometer in it and it is reading 2 degrees F. is this okay?



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Zero is recommended....but 2 degrees could be an inaccurate thermometer.
Linda C

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i have a whirlpool fridge freezer, it runs constsantly, and the freezer reading on the front will not go below 18, and the fridge is warm, could anyone help me solve the problem What should the correct emps show?

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According to what they taught us when I went through refrigertions school the freezer compartment on a domestic rerefrigerator/freeze is classified as a short term storage facility and the freezer temp should be maintained at 0 to 20degF

A domestic deep freeze, whether chest type or upright is classified as a "long term storage facility" and the temp should be maintained from +10 to -20degF.

If you have a thermometer that you are unsure of you can easily test it. Fill a small container with equal parts of ice & water and allow it to set a few minutes to stabilize. The temperature of the water will then remain exactly at 32degF until the ice is melted. If you are using a small dial type probe thermometer look on the underside of the dial and you will see a hex nut on the top of the probe where it attaches to the back of the dial.
You can actually calibrate that type of thermometer by inserting the probe in the ice water and allow it about a minute to stabilize. If the needle is not on zero you can hold that nut with a small wrench or pliers and turn the dial head until the needle is centered over the zero.

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