Freezing in Jars

NCWVCarolynAugust 3, 2004

I have bought some of the freezer jars.So i know they ar alright for freezing. Do the regular jars work ok too or will they burst when in the freezer? TIA Carolyn

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I freeze in jars, but they have to be straight jars and not have a 'shoulder' on them. See link for an example. ~ Suzie

Here is a link that might be useful: freezer jars

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You have to be careful with them while the stuff thaws. Don't try to hurry it by sitting them in hot water or in the microwave...voice of experience speaking...Regular jars are not tempered to go from freezing to hot quickly.

I have also had one crack when I bumped it on the counter. I don't know why....maybe the frozen contents made it more brittle.


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Also - leave plenty of space, because liquids develop a bump that can cause air leaks.

I've used peanut-butter jars, as well as the specially made freezer jars. The straight sides are a must.

Thhaw them by setting them in a pan of water - room temp - if you are in a hurry. Ot low-power (10%) on a microwave.

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I use regular canning/freezing widemouth jars (Mason) in pint or quart size. Food keeps freezer burn or off flavors from other foods. Use for excess soups, stews, pureed fruit for jams, corn, broccoli, asparagus, etc.

I have had no problem thawing them in Microwave set on "thaw".

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Why do they have to be the ones with straight sides? Will they break otherwise??? I'm asking because I have a bunch with the smaller opening. Darn it.

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As liquid freezes, it expands. The wider portion will push up to the narrowing of the jar and will cause it to crack.

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Do you have to use a vacuum sealer to take air out of the jars before freezing? How do you label them? Can you write on them with a marker and wash the marker off at a later time?

It seems that jars would fit into the freezer more efficiently than plastic containers for soups and stews.

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am i the only one who freezes the stuff in the jar and then puts the lid on? If it's too much in the jar it's easy to remove the excess. then put the lid on.

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I use the normal older mason jars. You just don't want to fill them up all the way. I only fill them up about 2/3 at most so the liquid never reaches the shoulder of the jar when it freezes and expands. I use my vacuum sealer attachment when sealing the jars and so far I am very happy with the results. I don't have any ice crystals when I open the sauces and soups. I like using the jars better than the plastic things too because the sauces stay so much better and the glass doesn't stain or absorb smells and tastes like plastic does.

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