'gladware' for frozen casseroles, etc.

mogardenerAugust 24, 2002

I've heard the commercials and today I looked for the plastic oven/micro/freezer containers at the local WalMart today.

Has anybody used them for make now/eat later dishes? I read the box and have tried to get on their website but wanted first hand experience. They seem to have a lot going for them, especially low price if you go to a lot of pot luck dinners and worry about losing or breaking your better stuff.

I've been just freezing the casserole, lifting it from the dish, packaging it usually with a vacuum sealer then putting it back into the freezer.

Thanks for any input.

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I have been using them for about a year and they are starting to fall apart. For the value (especially if you buy them with a coupon) I didn't think it was that bad. They are not all falling apart, but about half at least are.

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I love them. Yes, they do fall apart eventually but I got mine on sale and thought the price was great for what you get.

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