not sure about these blk. olives...

carolssisAugust 6, 2014

I opened a can of black olives and there is something white on them. It feels greasy. I'm a black olive fan, big time, and have NEVER seen this. Should I throw them away or are they okay to eat? Please help...

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Retrun to the store or contact the manufacturer.

Never take a chance with food.


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Check note #15 on this web site and see if it describes your situation. It is still a good idea to contact the mfg, but it is also possible that they are okay. I think you could probably wash them, and they would be okay, but I have not seen them and would still contact the supplier.


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I contacted the company. Got email back already. But the thought came to me, it's probably the oil from the olives, just slightly thickened for whatever reason. Well, that's exactly the explanation I got. So, I'm glad I don't have to mess around taking an open can back, AND I still get to eat them! Thanks so much more your helpful replies. So appreciated.

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